Definition of revaccinate in English:


Pronunciation /ˌrēˈvaksəˌnāt/ /ˌriˈvæksəˌneɪt/

transitive verb

[with object]
  • Vaccinate again for the same disease.

    ‘We have to say to parents, ‘There is a possibility the vaccine your child had did not work and we recommend your child is revaccinated with the MMR vaccine’.’
    • ‘Persons at high risk who were vaccinated before travel during the previous season should be revaccinated with the current vaccine in the following fall or winter.’
    • ‘High-risk children who were vaccinated when they were younger than four years should be revaccinated after two to three years if they are still at a high risk.’
    • ‘For individuals being revaccinated, the viral shedding period may be shorter.’
    • ‘Those who failed to develop a take within seven to nine days were revaccinated.’
    • ‘All the dogs are neutered and vaccinated as well as being tagged so that they are revaccinated each year.’
    • ‘The cats are vaccinated against the disease when they are neutered, but the feasibility of revaccinating them is another matter.’
    • ‘Or, he might have to recall all of the pets to whom he gave a substandard dose and revaccinate them at full dosages.’
    • ‘Rosemary from New York says, ‘Do people that have received the vaccine when they were children still have to be revaccinated?’’
    • ‘A potential benefit of being revaccinated is that the threat of serious side effects is lower than for those getting the shot for the first time, Woodward said.’
    • ‘Although titers aren't perfect indicators of immunity, they are the best tests available to provide owners with some reassurance that their pets are protected and don't need to be revaccinated.’
    • ‘The North-Eastern Health Board covering Cavan, Louth, Meath, Monaghan have only revaccinated eight children from the 168 in need of the boost.’
    • ‘As a member of the baby boomer generation, who was immunized as a child against smallpox, is that immunity still good, or would we have to be revaccinated if the need arose?’
    • ‘Reactions are less common for those being revaccinated.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, foot and mouth has crept into Argentina in recent months, and they've had to start revaccinating.’