Definition of reveler in English:


(also reveller)


  • A person who is enjoying themselves in a lively and noisy way.

    ‘the city's traditional Labor Day bash usually attracts more than 100,000 revelers’
    ‘the entire street is filled with costumed revelers shaking their hips to the vibrant throb of Latin music’
    • ‘Many Olympic revellers will be celebrating the start of the Olympics at Athena's on the Pier.’
    • ‘Friends and family gathered and the revellers celebrated into the small hours.’
    • ‘Elsewhere, late afternoon sun seems to signal the coming end, as it washes over a group of revelers on a parapet celebrating the suicide of the poet Petronius.’
    • ‘And scores of revellers queued in the snow to join in the celebrations in packed pubs and clubs in the town centre.’
    • ‘As the sun gets into his rhythm, there are revellers getting into the groove.’
    merrymaker, partygoer, party animal, carouser, roisterer, good-time boy, good-time girl, pleasure seeker



/ˈrevələr/ /ˈrɛvələr/