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Pronunciation /ˈrevəˌn(y)o͞o/ /ˈrɛvəˌn(j)u/


  • 1Income, especially when of a company or organization and of a substantial nature.

    ‘traders have lost $10,000 in revenue since the traffic scheme was implemented’
    • ‘It would allow De Cairos to keep control of the company and at the same time would allow it to raise substantial revenues.’
    • ‘It is assumed that teams set ticket prices to maximize revenues for the organization.’
    • ‘The slump in advertising revenue in all media organisations continues to hamper the station.’
    • ‘This results in a substantial loss of revenue for both race teams and tracks.’
    • ‘This is quite a substantial source of revenue, and Disney are clearly the best at this.’
    • ‘Or does that go too far and ignore the substantial revenue and employment the arts industry generates?’
    • ‘New revenue sources will include sponsorship, competitions, selling expertise and online offerings.’
    • ‘The disappearance of this revenue source has had its predictable effect on financial figures.’
    • ‘Even in the area of revenue sharing, the strains are beginning to show.’
    • ‘The commodity is water and the idea has become a big revenue generator.’
    • ‘Thiessen's play was among the top-three revenue generators at the Citadel last season.’
    • ‘But this suggests that revenue per subscriber will be down again on the first quarter.’
    • ‘The deficit morass is due as much to a revenue shortfall as excessive spending.’
    • ‘Financially, colleges responded to revenue shortfalls by laying off workers and downsizing operations.’
    • ‘Within Germany, the revenue shortfall puts the finance boss in a terrible dilemma.’
    • ‘Average revenue per user is rising and can only go higher with more interactive services.’
    • ‘Davy expects that if royalty revenues exceed the $100,000 mark, it could trigger some upward price movement.’
    • ‘The fund has a dedicated revenue stream from security fees that airline passengers pay.’
    • ‘Russell says that her company's revenue has risen by 25% during each of the past four years.’
    • ‘Revenue of Rs. 70 crores is expected through advertisements.’
    income, takings, receipts, proceeds, earnings
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    1. 1.1A state's annual income from which public expenses are met.
      ‘his priority was to raise government revenue and to lower expenditure’
      ‘the government's tax revenues’
      • ‘If tax revenue goes down then public services have to have less money.’
      • ‘The golden rule means that tax revenues should pay for public spending, so the chancellor should only borrow money to invest.’
      • ‘As the stock market soared, it brought state personal income tax revenue up with it.’
      • ‘And by reducing the costs and increasing the benefits of operating legally, they can increase public tax revenues.’
      • ‘Those efforts produced more investment and high economic growth that boosted tax revenues.’
      • ‘In Canada the negative consequences for public health and tax revenue are now well documented.’
      • ‘On one hand, a slow-down in economic growth and tax revenues will have an adverse effect.’
      • ‘So while faster growth raises payroll tax revenues, it also drives up benefits.’
      • ‘Mayors insist that the entire income tax revenue goes into municipal budgets.’
      • ‘If we can use green taxes to reduce pollution and then use the extra revenue to reduce income taxes, society has two hits with one shot.’
      • ‘Government revenue has declined as a share of national income by 5%.’
      • ‘He said the Government had demanded recommendations be ‘revenue neutral’ for the Commonwealth.’
      • ‘When direct taxes could yield an additional Rs 2,000 crore, indirect taxes remain revenue neutral.’
      • ‘As it is, there is a lack of confidence about Government revenue projections.’
      • ‘This would provide greater freedom to states to collect their own revenue.’
      • ‘The volcano has destroyed what little we had, and revenue must be collected to run the county.’
      • ‘Then look at the figures for revenue that your government collect in tax from pharmaceutical companies.’
      • ‘The government's net tax revenues are expected to exceed the Budget target by Rs 3,370 crore.’
      • ‘Naturally, Feldstein claims that abolishing the estate tax would actually increase total tax revenues.’
      • ‘This means the annual cost of public sector pensions is met from current revenues.’
    2. 1.2revenuesItems or amounts constituting a state's income.
      ‘the government's tax revenues’
      • ‘The order applies to companies with reported annual revenues in excess of $1.2 billion.’
      • ‘Total pro forma Q4 cable revenues increased 8% to $509.1 when comparing periods.’
      • ‘Debra's Natural Gourmet now generates annual revenues exceeding $1,000 per square foot.’
      • ‘But there are better ways to employ location-based services to generate increased revenues from subscribers.’
      • ‘The company's third-quarter revenues rose 5.5% - to a historic high of $202 million.’
      • ‘And size means it is easier to generate straightforward advertising revenues.’
      • ‘Premiums vary and are based on a club operator's projected gross revenues for a given period.’
      • ‘In a best case scenario, we believe that this decision could result in lost ad revenues.’
      • ‘AOL's advertising revenues fell five per cent and other revenues also fell 21 per cent.’
      • ‘At that time advertising revenues fell significantly and so did our share price.’
      • ‘Storage giant EMC saw Q3 revenues fall by nearly 10 percent from its last quarter.’
      • ‘For the first time in years, average revenues per user have stopped falling.’
      • ‘Q2 revenues declined by about five per cent to €6.64 bn.’
      • ‘Tourism revenues for the first two months of 2004 surged 30 per cent and amounted to 130.1 million euro.’
      • ‘Wipro Technologies had revenues of Rs 1,255 crore during the March 2004 quarter.’
      • ‘As Table 7.1 shows, many have revenues in excess of one billion dollars.’
      • ‘Annual tax revenues are projected at 60 million leva, including 15 million leva in real estate tax.’
      • ‘The bank also predicts a sharp deterioration in the public finances as growth and tax revenues fail to meet government expectations.’
      • ‘The Chinese government raises over 10 per cent of its annual revenues from cigarette taxes.’
      • ‘That is why the government takes into account expenses as well as revenues when calculating taxes.’
    3. 1.3The government department collecting revenues.
      ‘when the revenue makes a demand for tax, that demand is implicitly backed by the powers of the state’
      • ‘Under the Roman empire the system of collecting, the revenue put extreme pressure on the poor.’
      • ‘And if as a result of the new patents, the revenue gets a five million leva boost, who cares?’
      • ‘Where more than one residence is involved, you must decide which property is the PPR and tell the revenue.’
      • ‘But when the error recently came to light the revenue simply clawed back the full amounts paid in error.’
      • ‘The guys from the revenue via Harrogate paid me a call, not on a professional basis I hope.’
      • ‘She believes there is no point in unwittingly making a present to the revenue of more than you need to.’


Late Middle English from Old French revenu(e) ‘returned’, past participle (used as a noun) of revenir, from Latin revenire ‘return’, from re- ‘back’ + venire ‘come’.



/ˈrevəˌn(y)o͞o/ /ˈrɛvəˌn(j)u/