Definition of reverent in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrev(ə)rənt/ /ˈrɛv(ə)rənt/

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  • Feeling or showing deep and solemn respect.

    ‘a reverent silence’
    • ‘Everyone was treated by Sr. Monica as another Christ and dealt with in a reverent, respectful way.’
    • ‘In his past work, David Lynch has often presented seniors as if they were circus freaks, but here his approach is reverent and respectful.’
    • ‘I was not very reverent or respecting of myself in the early days.’
    • ‘Gone were the days of standing in reverent respect whenever a physician entered the room, Weidner says.’
    • ‘Senini has captured the light and the reverent stillness and silence of the art gallery/church that functions as a shrine to the unknown.’
    • ‘But there was the usual reverent silence, broken by the occasional embarrassed cough or ripple of restrained applause.’
    • ‘A reverent quiet settled upon the nation, and the election passed off entirely peacefully…’
    • ‘Actors follow the set's mimicry, all meticulously reverent without adding a jot of originality to their filmic templates.’
    • ‘People have been duped for long enough by a pompous officialdom and an over reverent Press full of its own conceit and self-importance.’
    • ‘But the need to break clear from the suffocation of reverent togetherness is not just a matter of philosophical self-respect.’
    • ‘The darkness is almost reverent; the way the light filters down on each altar gives the design a spiritual feel.’
    • ‘Well call me cynical, but I think that when she talks about the incident to her friends, it will not be in reverent tones.’
    • ‘The kids have taken a somewhat reverent tone when talking about Pete.’
    • ‘Everyone tiptoed around and spoke in hushed and reverent tones.’
    • ‘There is something about a cup of tea that is almost reverent.’
    • ‘Everything was done with the ancestors and the seventh generation yet to come in mind, a reverent model of accountability.’
    • ‘I am greeted with the same open arms and reverent spirit as always.’
    • ‘The festive season of Christmas was observed in the usual reverent and enjoyable manner by the community in Bunclody.’
    • ‘I don't think Strauss wrote for such a po-faced, reverent audience.’
    • ‘As he got older and his reviews got more reverent, the films tended to get less interesting, though watching him was almost always a pleasure.’
    respectful, reverential, worshipping, worshipful, adoring, loving, admiring, devoted, devout, dutiful, awed
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Late Middle English from Latin reverent- ‘revering’, from the verb revereri (see revere).