Definition of revetment in English:



  • 1(especially in fortification) a retaining wall or facing of masonry or other material, supporting or protecting a rampart, wall, etc.

    ‘Many embankments, timber revetments and masonry river walls from the 10th to the 15th centuries were recovered, and tonnes of artefacts retrieved.’
    • ‘He spearheaded a campaign to clean up the area by building a revetment filled with dredged material and other waste products.’
    • ‘Numerous breached walls and revetments, for example, bear witness to rushing water as distinct from long-term soil erosion.’
    • ‘Eastwood Park remained a significant achievement for them, although its revetment wall meant that the area was not meant as beachfront land.’
    • ‘Stacking large slabs on one another against a spine of uprights within a revetment wall, seems a very effective way to create an illusion of a well built and solid cairn.’
    • ‘Wall painting marked out the various areas of the house and their functions; marble revetment largely replaced painted walls in the grand villas by the Hadrianic period.’
    • ‘Excavations between 1963 and 1965 demonstrated that the ramparts were composed of chalk rubble with timber revetments.’
    • ‘Jannic Durand's insightful essay, ‘Precious-Metal Icon Revetments,’ surveys surviving examples of metal revetments as well as those mentioned in church inventories.’
    • ‘This layout suggest the presence on the site of a formerly old castle of the motte-and-bailey type, the curtains of the upper ward forms a sloping stone revetment of the motte.’
    • ‘The problem was first managed with a sea wall and revetments, and there have been several beach-nourishment projects at roughly 10-year intervals.’
    • ‘The north section has a sea wall and a revetment.’
    • ‘One of the key contentions in the Headlands proposal is the developer's request to build the 2100 foot long sea wall or revetment along Strands beach fronting the property.’
    • ‘Although extensive (and presumably fantastically expensive), the excavations revealed a story of only local interest, with Medieval and later expansion by Kingston upon Thames via a series of revetments into the river.’
    • ‘Landscaped revetments will give the stream some curves, and irregularities on the streambed will create rips that, it is hoped, will make for a better fish habitat.’
    • ‘Areas susceptible to wave attack and overtopping during storms were demarcated, and additional stone revetments were installed to stabilize the land.’
    • ‘In his later description of the marble revetments, Hills gives a reciprocal sense of the abstract qualities of marble as liquid or molten.’
    • ‘Finally, 2.0 miles of existing rock revetments would be demolished on Tybee and 2.9 miles would be removed on Jekyll.’
    • ‘However, there have been many recent discoveries of vessel-fragments reused in timber revetments on the City of London's mile-long waterfront.’
    • ‘After the flood, existing levees were rebuilt, extended, and reinforced with revetments.’
    • ‘The Dublin excavations are amongst the most informative in Europe for the development of successive waterfront quays and revetments.’
    cladding, veneer, skin, decorative layer, protective layer, surface, facade, front, fronting, false front, coating, covering, dressing, overlay, revetment, paving, lamination, inlay, plating
    1. 1.1A barricade of earth or sandbags set up to provide protection from blast or to prevent planes from overrunning when landing.
      ‘The aircraft is shown leaving the sand bag revetments at Kimpo Airfield in South Korea.’
      • ‘Aircraft revetments were built out of wood and metal and filled with the abundant sand found all over the base.’
      • ‘The crew chief gave me the usual pat on the head - the good luck sign - buttoned the canopy, slid off the wing waving me out of the revetment.’
      • ‘There were no steel shutters, no sandbags, never mind tank traps or revetments.’
      • ‘I later surmised, from the Turkish-military aircraft parked in the revetments, that this taxiway was for military aircraft with a short wingspan.’
      • ‘Presently, it can support in revetments about 1,100 combat aircraft in the twenty-two airbases within 370 miles - that is, within striking distance - of Taiwan.’
      • ‘A truck came out to the revetment to take us back to the squadron headquarters' hangar for mission debriefing.’
      • ‘Their vulnerability is such that in a combat zone, one must take near-heroic measures to protect them in hardened shelters or, at a minimum, in revetments.’
      • ‘One involved the growing of vegetable gardens on the top of dirt revetments at the side of the hangars.’
      • ‘Arriving home, I taxied in and shut down in my revetment.’
      • ‘We taxied from the revetment, swaying and lurching into our assigned spot in that pachydermal-like parade which always disappears, plane by plane, whenever a bomber group is launched into battle.’
      • ‘Unlike observing craters, collapsed areas, or other damage following attack on a revetment or runway, evaluating effects involves a wide range of considerations.’
      • ‘I taxied into my revetment and was back by the tail taking a leak when the ambulance came by with the guy in it half sitting up, with a broken leg but otherwise feeling fine!’
      • ‘I managed to get five - and also set fires in a fuel storage and ammunition storage revetment.’
      • ‘After de-briefing we were leaving the field and off to the left in Harrelson's revetment were three guys sitting in a semi-circle on upturned jerry cans, smoking cigarettes and glancing occasionally up at the northern sky.’
      • ‘The news spread like a chill from revetment, to the ready room, to the tent camp on the hill.’
      • ‘In 1997, an $80 million upgrade began with new hangars and revetment spaces being constructed.’



/rəˈvetm(ə)nt/ /rəˈvɛtm(ə)nt/


Mid 18th century from revet + -ment, after French revêtement.