Definition of revisionism in English:



mass noun
  • 1derogatory A policy of revision or modification, especially of Marxism on evolutionary socialist (rather than revolutionary) or pluralist principles.

    ‘the political controversies over Yugoslav revisionism’
    • ‘It makes one wonder how much of the speech is true and how much is false, based on Stalin's tendency toward revisionism of his revolutionary biography.’
    • ‘The lines of cleavage between Pablo's revisionism and orthodox Trotskyism are so deep that no compromise is possible either politically or organizationally.’
    • ‘Herein lay the basic difference between Trotskyism and Pabloite revisionism.’
    • ‘We have a proud heritage of fighting against all forms of revisionism that leads to capitulation and betrayal of the international socialist course.’
    • ‘By 1899, the implications of this revisionism had become fairly clear, when the French socialist Millerand entered a bourgeois government.’
    • ‘Leninism defined correct party policy against the ideological enemies of dogmatism, revisionism, and opportunism.’
    • ‘To fight Stalinism and Castroism is to politically destroy revisionism.’
    • ‘Responsible revisionism - a better alternative to imperial revisionism - can only be achieved if Americans and Europeans start thinking and planning together.’
    • ‘These theories, however, had their source in the same pressures of Stalinism and imperialism bearing down on the Trotskyist movement that gave rise to Pabloite revisionism.’
    • ‘The role of revisionism as a direct prop for imperialism was out in the open.’
    • ‘That draft limited itself to a description of revisionism in our party and Pablo's support of the revisionists, with an appeal for the aid of world orthodox Trotskyism in our fight.’
    • ‘To the extent that these objective conditions and forms of practical activity existed, to a lesser or greater degree, in other countries, Bernstein's revisionism found an international response.’
    • ‘The ICFI was founded in 1953 to defend orthodox Trotskyism against the revisionism of Michel Pablo.’
    • ‘This included his attempts at historical revisionism regarding the atrocities carried out by the fascist regime of Ante Pavilic during World War Two.’
    • ‘Historical revisionism is certainly problematic anywhere.’
    • ‘These factors, together with revisionism and nationalism, anti-Bolshevism and anti-Semitism, all had a socially unifying effect in Germany.’
    • ‘It is an economic imperative that Adam Smith was well aware of 200 years ago, and, despite neo-conservative revisionism, was in favour of governments controlling in the best interests of their citizens.’
    • ‘A hallmark of all revisionism is its exclusion of any possibility of a serious crisis of American imperialism.’
    dissension, dissent, dissidence, blasphemy, nonconformity, unorthodoxy, heterodoxy, apostasy, freethinking, schism, faction
    1. 1.1The theory or practice of revising one's attitude to a previously accepted situation or point of view.
      ‘reconsideration of such figures is not just an attempt at revisionism’
      • ‘Michael Hampe's staging is imaginative but traditional - no revisionism here - and the stage design by Ezio Frigerio is similarly conventional.’
      • ‘This is, of course, a traditional-style Nutcracker - no modern revisionism.’
      • ‘He now looks back on his past monkey business with a keen sense of revisionism.’
      • ‘The goal was not only political but social revisionism, revision of the tyranny of big industry, big cities, big unions, big banks; and at the same time a revision of Versailles.’
      • ‘This is the most comprehensive statement of Gould's Darwinian revisionism, which began when he and Niles Eldredge developed their critique of one of Darwin's central theses, that of gradual evolutionary change.’
      • ‘Saunders's book represents an updated version of the New Left revisionism about the cold war pioneered by such writers as Christopher Lasch, Gabriel Kolko, and Richard Barnet.’
      • ‘Those who share it believe themselves, quite sincerely, to be following a long and honourable tradition of social democratic revisionism, but they are no longer on the left in any historically valid sense of the term.’
      • ‘Doctrinaire revisionism whereby artists review the human rights record of the colonial and pre-colonial period, has become so routine in South Africa, that it is almost our official agenda.’
      • ‘Indeed, Brogan seems to have assembled such critical literature into something of a straw man, and consequently her revisionism must lose some of its ‘revolutionary’ footing.’
      • ‘Metropolis joins the likes of Big O and Giant Robo in a wave of nostalgic anime revisionism - recalling the days when bold geometric shapes, rather than complicated organic forms, informed anime's aesthetics.’
      • ‘Slowness has to do with being able to remember, rather than obliterate or use revisionism to rewrite events.’
      • ‘Summers soon confessed to his ideological revisionism and commenced a round of self-criticism.’
      • ‘I argue from the published record that Professor Schlesinger's essay is a piece of a historical revisionism aimed at restoring FDR's blemished reputation as a statesman.’