Definition of rhapsodically in English:



See rhapsody

  • ‘International festivals proliferated and ancient bonds were re-established as musicians embraced folk-rock, toured widely and were rhapsodically welcomed.’
  • ‘This was not a human/pet relationship, but a friendship, a partnership, perhaps even a kind of love affair: witnesses speak of Maxwell rolling about on the floor with Mij, man mewing rhapsodically to otter.’
  • ‘I crawled rhapsodically back into bed and fell into some very vivid and memorable dreams.’
  • ‘I was actually on a plane returning from Europe this week, and the pilot at one point seized the intercom and waxed rhapsodically about the gates, urging passengers to experience ‘something wonderful.’’
  • ‘But Rosette waxes rhapsodically a little too much with his sugary, cliched conclusion.’