Definition of rhenium in English:



(also Re)
  • The chemical element of atomic number 75, a rare silvery-white metal which occurs in trace amounts in ores of molybdenum and other metals.

    ‘The chemical properties are generally not of as much interest to scientists as are its radioactivity, although it is known that its properties are similar to those of manganese and rhenium, in the same group of the periodic table.’
    • ‘It uses neural network modelling to predict the impact very expensive additives such as rhenium and platinum might have on the heat resistance of superalloys.’
    • ‘From this we can show that the beta-decay lifetime of rhenium cannot have changed by more than 0.5% over the age of the solar system.’
    • ‘Samples were dried down overnight then dissolved in 1 microliter of 10% nitric acid and placed on rhenium filaments.’
    • ‘In comparison with the rhenium complexes the manganese chemistry is of interest, primarily because of the wide range of oxidation states, reactivity of the complexes and photochemical and photophysical properties.’



/ˈrēnēəm/ /ˈriniəm/


1920s modern Latin, from Rhenus, the Latin name of the Rhine River.