Definición de rhinal en inglés



  • Relating to the nose or the olfactory part of the brain.

    ‘However, this view has been challenged by the discovery that damage to a neighbouring region, the rhinal cortex, which underlies the hippocampus and amygdala, was necessary and sufficient to produce memory impairments.’
    • ‘The rhinal sulcus is not present as a separate sulcus in this specimen, but is represented as a direct continuation of the collateral sulcus.’
    • ‘He fashioned an agent that, when injected directly into the rhinal cortex of four trained monkeys, spawned a kind of decoy molecule which tricked cells there into turning-off D2 expression for several weeks.’
    • ‘Previous studies had also traced the monkeys' ability to associate the visual cues with the reward to the rhinal cortex, which is rich in dopamine.’



/ˈrīnl/ /ˈraɪnl/


Mid 19th century from Greek rhis, rhin- ‘nose’+ -al.