Definition of rhizome in English:


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  • A continuously growing horizontal underground stem which puts out lateral shoots and adventitious roots at intervals.

    Compare with bulb (sense 1), corm

    ‘The plant is tough to stamp out because it develops a system of roots and rhizomes, horizontal underground stems that descend as far as six feet into the sand.’
    • ‘In addition, shrub roots and rhizomes grow into above-ground gaps, making below-ground gaps smaller than above-ground gaps.’
    • ‘Mucilages found in rhizomes, roots and seed endosperms may act primarily as energy reserves whereas foliar mucilages appear not to serve as storage carbohydrates.’
    • ‘Despite their differing underground structures, corms, tuberous roots, and rhizomes are all referred to as bulbs.’
    • ‘Irises grow from thick, underground stems, called rhizomes, that store food produced by the leaves.’
    radicle, rhizome, rootstock, tuber, tap root, rootlet



/ˈrīˌzōm/ /ˈraɪˌzoʊm/


Mid 19th century from Greek rhizōma, from rhizousthai ‘take root’, based on rhiza ‘root’.