Definition of Rhodesian ridgeback in English:

Rhodesian ridgeback


  • A dog of a breed having a short light brown coat and a ridge of hair along the middle of the back, growing in the opposite direction to the rest of the coat.

    • ‘However, although Rosario and Jason love the location of their new home, the actress - who grew up in New York City - admits they chose it for their beloved pet dogs, two Rhodesian ridgebacks.’
    • ‘I felt a little unsafe, so I got a big dog to go with me on these hikes, a Rhodesian ridgeback that was supposed to be protecting me.’
    • ‘I once had a neighbor whose favorite stupid pet-owner trick was to have his Rhodesian ridgeback jump up to chomp on and then hang on to a cattle prod.’
    • ‘His beloved Rhodesian ridgeback, Hugo, died of cancer two Januarys ago.’
    • ‘The young, healthy Rottweiler and Rhodesian ridgeback passed away suddenly at the same address within two days of each other.’


Rhodesian ridgeback