Definition of rhodopsin in English:



  • A purplish-red light-sensitive pigment present in the retinas of humans and many other animal groups.

    ‘The spectra of the intermediates and the ground forms of the rhodopsin family possess a characteristic common feature.’
    • ‘It is the reddish purple color of retinal that gives rhodopsin its former name visual purple.’
    • ‘We trace which amino acids contact the chromophore of rhodopsin.’
    • ‘We constructed eight mutant rhodopsin proteins and studied the effect of arrestin-mediated deactivation.’
    • ‘The newly identified isomerase enzyme plays a crucial role in the regeneration of rhodopsin visual pigment in the retina after light exposure.’



/rōˈdäpsən/ /roʊˈdɑpsən/


Late 19th century from Greek rhodon ‘rose’ + opsis ‘sight’+ -in.