Definition of rhyme or reason in English:

rhyme or reason

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  • with negative Logical explanation or reason.

    ‘without rhyme or reason his mood changed’
    • ‘There isn't meant to be rhyme or reason to it, and that's one reason why some of my coworkers have had so much fun playing with it themselves.’
    • ‘With this somewhat spurious connection culled from the works, Mr. Slatkin only underscored that the program had more or less been cobbled together without rhyme or reason.’
    • ‘Everything from sports, politics, arts, culture and religion find a place in these animated discussions, which often veer away from one topic to another for no apparent rhyme or reason.’
    • ‘I'm feeling somewhat better today - there doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to these things, and the longer it goes for, fortunately, the weaker and less frequent it gets.’
    • ‘There is no rhyme or reason to the list but there are 20 other countries where the retirement pension - and widow's or bereavement benefits - are paid in full.’
    • ‘Why do i find some people so irritating without rhyme or reason?’
    • ‘But when there is no rhyme or reason for such a system blocking my access to sites that quite frankly helped me do my job… that's when it frustrates me.’
    • ‘There's not much rhyme or reason to it, for better or for worse.’
    • ‘Prosecutor Neil White said the incident appeared to be without ‘provocation, rhyme or reason.’’
    • ‘Mostly short articles that seem to bounce around from topic to topic, really with no rhyme or reason, but are informative and interesting.’