Main definitions of ria in English

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Pronunciation /ˈrēə/ /ˈriə/


  • A long, narrow inlet formed by the partial submergence of a river valley.

    ‘Due to their nature, the rias or estuaries contain very peculiar ecosystems which often contain important amounts of fish.’
    • ‘The beaches that lie in some of the more protected rias have a warmer sea than those which are exposed, although water temperatures in Galicia never reach the heights found in the south of Spain.’
    • ‘Everyone in the busy tapas bar I ventured into was tucking into heaped platefuls of pulpo, Galicia's ‘national’ dish, scallops and tasty, but tough-to-open percebes, unique to the rias.’
    • ‘The fishermen offered to use their own boats to string plastic barriers across the mouths of the rias.’
    hollow, depression, dent, dint, cavity, concavity, dip, pit, trough, crater


Late 19th century from Spanish ría ‘estuary’.

Main definitions of RIA in English

: ria1RIA2



  • 1Radioimmunoassay.

  • 2Royal Irish Academy.