Definition of rib eye in English:

rib eye


(also rib-eye steak)
  • A cut of beef from the outer side of the ribs.

    ‘he orders the largest rib-eye steak they have to offer’
    • ‘a menu that runs to gargantuan rib eyes and ten-pound lobsters’
    • ‘Haddock wrapped in Parma ham and spinach, rib-eye steak with garlic butter, summer pudding or gooseberry crumble are typical.’
    • ‘A delicious rib-eye steak, tender and juicy under a cap of herb butter, is served, like everything that doesn't come in a bowl, on an oversize wood serving platter with upturned edges to catch runaway juices.’
    • ‘For mains we ordered the rib-eye steak, the pork tenderloin and the fish of the day.’
    • ‘If you're still reeling from the low-fat, high-carb craze of the 1990s, you may be wondering why you should trade in pasta and potatoes for rib-eyes and pork rinds.’
    • ‘For Amanda, in any case, the restaurant's cardinal attraction is the great rib-eye they serve - she eats steak three times a week.’


rib eye

/rib ī/ /rɪb aɪ/