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  • 1(especially of a fabric or garment) having a pattern of raised bands.

    ‘a ribbed cashmere sweater’
    • ‘If ribbed sweaters suit you, then by all means, slip one on.’
    • ‘Made from polyamide, wool and mohair, this classic black cardigan features a ribbed neckline and subtle zipper closure.’
    • ‘She continued the theme to the end with her gold velvet belle époque bustier ribbed dress, combining the English theme and modern low-stress dressing with great aplomb.’
    • ‘Made from 100% cotton, this classic turtleneck is all brown and features a ribbed neckline and trimmed hemline.’
    • ‘Special feminine ribbed vests are also available in pale pink and white.’
    • ‘My mom dropped the knee-high argyles, and picked up some plain, gray ribbed socks.’
    • ‘A quick simple tip is to avoid wearing ribbed tops underneath thinner shirts because the texture will most likely show from underneath and it won't look good.’
    • ‘He was wearing a dark coloured cardigan with a ribbed pattern and a shirt underneath.’
    • ‘So if you have an old fur piece kicking about, pop it on over a tweed skirt teamed with ribbed tights and court shoes.’
    • ‘Made from a soft wool blend, it features a gray, ribbed knit finish along the cuffs, collar and waistband, with brown suede patches on the elbows.’
    • ‘He took off his flannel shirt, leaving only a ribbed, white undershirt.’
    • ‘She is wearing white ribbed pantyhose, laced brown ankle boots.’
    • ‘High-school student Sarah Porchetta, 14, wears a Gap black ribbed turtleneck with checkered pants from Mariposa and Fila trainers.’
    • ‘For a dinner party, James put together a black DEX T-shirt, grey Mexx summer short-sleeved sweater and charcoal grey ribbed Mexx pants.’
    • ‘The seat cushions are ribbed like an alligator's belly.’
    • ‘He was neatly dressed in a dark ribbed cardigan with a shirt underneath.’
    • ‘His trainers - a beige, Prada-esque creation - are more chill-out than warm-up and the black leather jacket and ribbed polo neck look like they climbed out of the sort of carrier bag you'd insure after you left the shop.’
    • ‘She said the attackers wore green ribbed pullovers with suede patches on the shoulders and ski-type masks.’
    • ‘She is wearing a black ribbed tank top, gray shorts, sandals and brown-tinted sunglasses.’
    • ‘Models in Veronica Lake hairdos strutted confidently down the runaway in armoured jackets and darted skirts over ribbed cashmere footless stockings and stiletto pumps.’
    embossed, relief, relievo, cameo, die-stamped, thermographed, ribbed
    1. 1.1Architecture (of a vault or other structure) strengthened with ribs.
      ‘The cathedral is known for its influence on High Gothic, its flying buttresses, ribbed vaults, and multiple towers; for glass and carvings that pray and teach down the centuries.’
      • ‘It is a circular covered arena designed in 1959 by Marcello Piacentini with the great engineer Pier Luigi Nervi, who covered the space with an elegant ribbed dome of reinforced concrete, resting on a dramatic framework of slanting piers.’
      • ‘The new building resembled a mediaeval cathedral with its pointed arches, ribbed vaulting and flying buttresses.’
      • ‘Its octagonal shape, ribbed wooden ceiling, and richly decorated stucco make it one of the finest churches in the Caribbean.’
      • ‘Now a soaring ceiling, a dramatic stairway leading up to the bedrooms and study gallery, and a sculpturally ribbed cast-concrete fireplace add airiness and drama to the room.’



/ribd/ /rɪbd/