Definition of ribbon-like in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌlīk/


See ribbon

‘The six-bead models more accurately reflect the ribbonlike morphology of the amyloid fibrils, whereas the simplicity of the one-bead model allows the examination of much longer fibril lengths.’
  • ‘Both sets of paintings feature looping, ribbonlike gestures of brightly differing paints that seem to want to soar out from the skewed regularity of Spruell's compositional structures.’
  • ‘Vicuna shows me how he strips away the worthless outer sheath of each stalk and then splits and separates the inner fingers, leaving dozens of yard-long, ribbonlike strands attached to the leaf stem.’
  • ‘In The Medical Student, for instance, he gives us a blue and white sky that, though light in hue, heavily descends from the top of the canvas in thick, ribbonlike swaths.’
  • ‘Histologically, the tumor was composed of trabecular and anastomosing ribbonlike nests, identical to the features of carcinoid tumors of other sites.’