Definition of ribbonfish in English:


nounplural noun ribbonfish, plural noun ribbonfishes

  • Any of a number of long slender fishes which typically have a dorsal fin running the length of the body.

    a fish of the dealfish family (Trachipteridae)
    a fish of the cutlassfish family (Trichiuridae)
    another term for

    ‘The easy way to catch big fish in nearshore water off Texas is to drift dead baits, such as menhaden, ribbonfish or mullet, skewered onto large circle hooks.’
    • ‘Although live bait is preferred, dead ribbonfish, also called silver eels, will make any mackerel lick his lips, but they're rigged dead for a reason.’



/ˈribənˌfiSH/ /ˈrɪbənˌfɪʃ/