Definition of rice bowl in English:

rice bowl


  • 1A dish out of which rice is eaten.

    ‘The surreal corpulence of the boy is a distraction, and when we watch him steal the only pieces of meat from his uncomprehending blind stepsister's rice bowl we are reminded not of Chaplin but of Fellini.’
    • ‘My tofu & mushroom rice bowl had a great big gristle-y chunk of beef in the middle.’
    • ‘Tenchiki filled his uncle's rice bowl and passed it back to him.’
    • ‘Born in China and raised by his widowed mother in the U.S., Ken grew up in a melting pot of American culture, but ate from a traditional Chinese rice bowl.’
    • ‘She polished off another rice bowl then turned her attention to a few strips of yakitori.’
    • ‘On Sunday at noon, when the victim, surnamed Xia, was trimming his toenails on the bed, Li began to quarrel with him because Li's rice bowl was near the bed.’
    • ‘Now that this so-called iron rice bowl has been shattered, they find they must seek support in other places.’
    • ‘Then, a young contortionist comes on stage, as well as two rice bowl balancing acrobats.’
    • ‘China has dismantled the famous iron rice bowl, but what if anything is replacing it?’
    • ‘Although not designed for breakfast, the Nova dinnerware collection includes an elegant, white ceramic rice bowl with a pleasing rectangular shape.’
    • ‘If biryani is not eaten, a complete multicourse meal is served: foods are brought out sequentially and added to one's rice bowl after the previous course is finished.’
    • ‘But you're here for Christmas shopping so just pick up a few fine china rice bowls and serving dishes.’
    • ‘Hey, the rice bowl in your hand was bought for HK $10?’
    • ‘Before leaving New Zealand, we were told to look out for a sign of good restaurants in Thailand - the familiar Shell symbol with the outline of a green rice bowl.’
    • ‘If you really want to impress the waiters in a Chinese restaurant eat rice from a bowl the way the Chinese do: raise the rice bowl with one hand and perch the edge of the bowl on your lower lip.’
    • ‘Florence Lin mentions both these and also provides an illuminating tip for anyone who has to take in a bowl of hot congee at high speed: First you fill the rice bowl to the brim with congee.’
    • ‘There was no sign of a knob or ring anywhere, yet a strange, semi-circle hole was shaped in it, about the size of a rice bowl.’
    • ‘He broke a little off and placed it in the rice bowl with some sauce.’
    • ‘Ladle into warmed Chinese rice bowls and serve immediately.’
    • ‘The most significant of all his finds were fragments of a white rice bowl bearing the emblem of the Japanese military star.’
  • 2An area in which abundant quantities of rice are grown.

    ‘‘A major reconstruction effort will be needed to get the area back to being the rice bowl of the state, and this has to start now,’ added Kapoor.’
    • ‘West Java Governor Danny Setiawan said during a visit to Cirebon on Thursday that his administration would go ahead with the project because it was necessary for West Java to remain a rice bowl in Java.’
    • ‘At the front line in the battle to contain the lake, large squads of farmers defied the sweltering heat of a summer's day in the Chinese rice bowl to toss sandbags, rocks and soil into the embryonic breaches.’
    • ‘Day five was a completely different kettle of fish, crossing the rice bowl of Thailand to get to Kabin Buri.’
    • ‘In the center lay the Cagayan Valley, Luzon's rice bowl and a key supply area for the Japanese units.’
    • ‘For years, Burma was a prosperous nation known as the rice bowl of Asia.’
  • 3in singular One's livelihood (used especially in reference to Asia)

    ‘entrenched vested interests will fight to the death to protect their rice bowl’
    • ‘The CLA and labor representatives have long believed that foreign labor competes for local labor's rice bowl and that reducing the number of foreign laborers will improve the unemployment situation.’
    • ‘I do not believe it is the function of any reviewer to break anyone's rice bowl.’
    • ‘As soon as you start importing, you are goring somebody's ox, breaking somebody's rice bowl.’
    • ‘My belief has been that the hammer is my rice bowl. " He turned to face the mountain slope and resumed his work.’
    • ‘‘Your rice bowl is in danger,’ the daily warned, referring to the jobs of officials who cannot perform their duties.’
    • ‘‘Give us back our rice bowls,’ read the Chinese characters on a poster carried by one of 1,500 workers who rallied in May in the largest demonstration in Macau since China's Tiananmen Square killings in 1989.’
    • ‘China does not engage only in export without import, we have imported large numbers of Boeing airplanes and Ford motor vehicles, but we have never complained that they [US companies] have seized our rice bowls.’
    • ‘I can't blame Zebari for blowing Shrub little rhetorical kisses - he has his rice bowl to look after.’
    • ‘This singular mentality reduces transformation efforts into rear-guard actions to defend rice bowls.’
    • ‘To be blunt, I am sorry that the teachers' unions are more interested in protecting their iron rice bowls than in seeing how necessary these reforms are.’


rice bowl

/ˈrīs bōl/ /ˈraɪs boʊl/