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  • 1Having a great deal of money or assets; wealthy.

    as plural noun the rich ‘every day the gap between the rich and the poor widens’
    • ‘most of these artists are already quite rich’
    • ‘You can't argue that somehow this very rich family needs this money.’
    • ‘Simply shifting money from the rich to the poor is not the right way.’
    • ‘So, what are these schemes and are they worth considering if you find yourself in the position of being ‘asset rich but income poor’?’
    • ‘Poor people want money and rich people want more money.’
    • ‘They claim that by acting in the interests of the rich and powerful they act as guardians of law, order and common decency.’
    • ‘Congress is full of rich people who spent big to gain office.’
    • ‘They care only about serving the interests of the rich, whatever the consequences.’
    • ‘He told Chinese people to put politics aside in the interests of getting rich.’
    • ‘Never was there such a mean spirited and self interested response from the rich and powerful.’
    • ‘The present ‘free trade’ system is being managed in the interest of the rich.’
    • ‘It is just another London borough, full of trendy rich people who do not appreciate the better things in life.’
    • ‘What's more, not only are almost all of us far from poor and hungry, but virtually all of us are, at least relatively, rich and full.’
    • ‘Because they had not been formally introduced, he may surmise from her knowledge of him and his presence in the area that she was only interested in attracting a rich husband.’
    • ‘With all the Superman memorabilia, he had most likely inadvertently made someone filthy rich.’
    • ‘His family must have been extremely rich to afford this kind of home.’
    • ‘Yes, it is a lot of money and you can get very rich.’
    • ‘Then, when I am sick of spoiled super rich kids, I will write a tell-all book!’
    • ‘And I became rich beyond my wildest dreams.’
    • ‘Then there's health, where the notorious two-tier system supports the rich at the expense of the poor.’
    • ‘But the Bedouins are not rich enough to afford the prices they ask for.’
    wealthy, affluent, moneyed, cash rich, well off, well-to-do, with deep pockets, prosperous, opulent, substantial, propertied
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    1. 1.1(of a country or region) having valuable natural resources or a successful economy.
      ‘rich countries can afford to spend money on the environment’
      • ‘The implication is that protecting manufacturing industries accounts for the success of rich countries.’
      • ‘To the extent that the rich countries have bigger economies and more export trade, there is some truth in this claim.’
      • ‘The G8 summit at Gleneagles next week will discuss the likely impact of high oil prices on the global economy and what the rich countries of the west ought to do in response.’
      • ‘It is a myth that efficient regulation, which protects those it should protect without distorting the economy, is a luxury that only rich countries can afford.’
      • ‘Most of the money went to the structural funds which are spent on declining regions in rich countries as well as poor areas in poor countries.’
      • ‘When you compare the UK, America and other rich countries to the Third World where so many people are starving, it's absolutely shocking.’
      • ‘It was a philosophy designed to make a poor, agrarian economy into an affluent one, with rich regions extending helping hands to hard up ones.’
      • ‘Can a rich country like Australia afford to do even more than that?’
      • ‘He also urged people to remember that the country was very rich as it was endowed with enormous natural resources which remained unexploited.’
      • ‘Ecuador is a rich country - it has great natural resources such as oil as well as very productive agriculture.’
      • ‘That policy has met with some success in the United States and other rich countries.’
      • ‘As World War II began, after a decade of economic depression, the United States was not a rich country.’
      • ‘But the overall level of assistance from rich countries has dropped to an unacceptably low level, she said.’
      • ‘They are now concerned with the lack of free trade caused by rich countries' protectionism.’
      • ‘Despite this, the least developed countries still depend on trade for more of their income than rich countries.’
      • ‘How much do subsidies and trade barriers in the rich countries really cost the developing world?’
      • ‘Developing countries think these procedures are abused by rich countries to keep out their goods.’
      • ‘Add to this the fact that rich countries can afford medicine, while poor countries cannot.’
      • ‘America is all about production, striving to stay the most powerful and rich country in the world.’
      • ‘Italy, by contrast, traded very successfully with Ottoman Turkey, got fabulously rich, and remained Catholic.’
      successful, buoyant, booming, doing well, profit-making, profitable, prosperous, wealthy, affluent, moneyed, well-to-do, rich, large
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    2. 1.2Of expensive materials or workmanship; demonstrating wealth.
      ‘rich mahogany furniture’
      • ‘The narrower the layer of individuals enjoying success and the greater their wealth, the less rich the material and the less enduring the art.’
      • ‘Sage opened the door to see a fancy room with a fair sized bed, everything in the room looked rich and expensive as well.’
      • ‘Here, as in other places, Kent's elegant furniture and rich decoration anticipated the interiors of Robert Adam.’
      • ‘A pricy looking sash was tied around his hips, its rich material seeming bold even in the dim lighting of the apartment.’
      • ‘It was a long sleeved purple dress, made of a rich heavy material.’
      • ‘Classic furniture also has rich carvings and ornaments, and many pieces use eye-catching colors such as gold and silver.’
      • ‘The interior is trimmed in a rich palette of materials to complement the exterior selections.’
      • ‘All was silent in the courtroom, recently redone in rich mahogany, as they waited for the judge to give his final verdict.’
      • ‘The recessed, double-door central cupboard is embellished with rich flame mahogany veneer.’
      • ‘Unlike the main hall, Quinn's office was made out of rich, dark mahogany.’
      • ‘His office is dominated by a rich mahogany antique desk, piled high with the books he has written and behind which spreads an oasis of orchids and exotic greenery.’
      • ‘She walked into to the beautifully decorated dining room and sat down at the rich, mahogany dining table.’
      • ‘In Siena artists responded to the Florentine preoccupation with space, yet retained a traditional interest in rich decoration.’
      • ‘She had on a rich rose colored gown with embroidered leaves all over it.’
      • ‘Her rose-dyed bodice and soft red overcoat were made of rich fabrics, possibly velvet from the east.’
      • ‘My bed was a king-sized canopy that was laced with rich velvet and satin fabric, imported from Italy.’
      • ‘Fabrics offer luxurious style in rich velvets, sheer chiffon, shiny satin and slinky jerseys.’
      • ‘She uses the rich fabric of silk and the fur because she wanted to talk about the desire these objects arouse.’
      • ‘Framed in giltwood, the panels are worked in rich wools highlighted with silks.’
      • ‘She wore a mauve gown of rich velvet, with gold tulips sewn intricately on the bodice.’
      sumptuous, opulent, luxurious, luxury, deluxe, palatial, lavish, lavishly appointed, gorgeous, splendid, magnificent, resplendent, lush, plush, costly, expensive, upmarket, fancy, stylish, elegant, exquisite, grandiose
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    3. 1.3Generating wealth; valuable.
      ‘not all football players enjoy rich rewards from the game’
      • ‘To emphasise the lack of incident, City didn't carve out an effort on goal until more than 30 minutes had passed but at least when they did it brought rich reward.’
      • ‘The long journey North played havoc with the travelling Blues support, but there was rich reward for the faithful fans who travelled.’
      • ‘The cabinet system at local level brings rich rewards for councillors in Bexley's cabinet.’
      • ‘Golf can bring a man rich rewards, but it also possesses a distinctive cruelty.’
      • ‘Today we are reaping the rewards of our rich heritage through the tourism trade.’
      • ‘This rich financial reward comes at a price - you must learn to live in the public eye.’
      • ‘There are very rich rewards to be reaped from off-court promotions as well as on-court victories.’
      • ‘They've learned that in the stealthy world of computer hacking, staying on your toes and a step ahead of hackers can pay rich rewards.’
      • ‘But for the intrepid, there are rich, lasting rewards to be reaped.’
      • ‘Altogether this is a rich and rewarding new vein of scholarship in the history of American crime and culture.’
      • ‘For those willing to risk trying out a new technology, the rewards can be rich.’
      • ‘Investors who think they can have their guarantee and reap rich rewards, too, may be setting themselves up for disappointment.’
      • ‘The firm reaped rich publicity after rewarding its staff with skiing holidays.’
      • ‘The chance to reap rich rewards is attracting new entrants into the business.’
      • ‘Thatcher and her allies risked everything and reaped a rich reward.’
      • ‘While these crisis shares could provide rich pickings, those tempted require strong stomachs.’
      • ‘It was an expensive area to mine, but the rich ore made it worthwhile.’
      • ‘The results support the idea that the rich mineral content of the area prompted the establishment of the Celtic mining town.’
      • ‘Everybody wants a part of their rich deposits of Siilv metal, the most valuable resource in the known galaxy.’
      • ‘Armenia is a rugged, volcanic country with rich mineral resources.’
  • 2Plentiful; abundant.

    ‘the nation’s rich and diverse wildlife’
    • ‘Most of us are limited in the time we can spend on holiday so it's a matter of choices from the rich abundance of scenic delights that are available on this road.’
    • ‘Because of the rich nerve supply to the head, neck and face, any surgery, no matter how small and routine, carries an inherent risk of cardiac arrest.’
    • ‘Although Pattaya now has a rich abundance of retail stores, a few foodstuffs are still hard or impossible to obtain.’
    • ‘This country is blessed with hundreds of quirky events and celebrations throughout the year and they are all part of our rich and diverse culture and history.’
    • ‘They represent a rich, diverse patchwork quilt of experience that I am able to draw on in my own quest for creative integrity.’
    • ‘His work draws inspiration from his own rich and diverse history.’
    • ‘There are sheep on the grasslands and the woodlands contain a rich variety of oak, birch, hazel and chestnut - deer are frequent visitors here.’
    • ‘Welsh and Isherwood convey their joy in the rich variety of wildlife they encounter during their travels, and the book is attractively illustrated.’
    • ‘Currently, Mae is working as a writer in schools, to introduce children to the rich variety of writers working in Ireland.’
    • ‘The attraction of these materials lies in their rich detail about the lives of men and women embroiled in marital litigation.’
    • ‘There is a rich seam of material for a story in this case.’
    • ‘Ross had rich material to work with, given that Holiday's talent was matched by her tumultuous private life.’
    • ‘The Scottish Arts Council hoped it would mine a rich seam of latent talent and take risks on fledgling authors spurned by larger companies.’
    • ‘Nowhere is the documentation as rich as the records generated by the witchcraft investigations of the seventeenth century.’
    • ‘The strategy generates a rich database of writing samples which permits the pursuit of a number of precise research questions.’
    • ‘The library has a rich collection of unique material available on all aspects of County Laois.’
    • ‘Tulerpeton, from the Upper Devonian of Russia, is found in a deposit with a rich fauna of marine invertebrates.’
    • ‘Similarly, there are no rich fossil deposits before the Cambrian era about 550 million years ago.’
    • ‘This is such a rich fossil deposit, it is one of only a handful world-wide that has been awarded World Heritage Listing.’
    • ‘It has large phosphate deposits and a long Atlantic coastline with rich fish stocks.’
    plentiful, abundant, copious, ample, profuse, lavish, liberal, generous, bountiful, large, huge, great, bumper, overflowing, superabundant, infinite, inexhaustible, prolific
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    1. 2.1Having (a particular thing) in large amounts.
      ‘many vegetables and fruits are rich in antioxidant vitamins’
      • ‘a protein-rich diet’
      • ‘Eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole-grain products.’
      • ‘Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is also helpful.’
      • ‘No, the advantages of taking cocoa can be attained by eating a diet rich in fruit and vegetables.’
      • ‘Among nuts, walnuts are very rich in omega - 3 fatty acids.’
      • ‘He recognizes our region as rich in natural resources, and felt a calling to defend them.’
      • ‘Corn oil is a polyunsaturated vegetable oil rich in omega - 6 fatty acids.’
      • ‘Bolivia is a country rich in resources, yet its majority Indian population is mired in unemployment and abject poverty.’
      • ‘Foods rich in vitamin A include leafy greens such as spinach and broccoli, as well as carrots and peaches.’
      • ‘On the bright side, clay soils are usually richer in nutrients than sandy soils are.’
      • ‘Soils which are rich in nutrients are often termed fertile, but such soils do not usually produce good-quality wine.’
      • ‘Among natural foods rich in calcium, dairy milk is second only to maternal milk.’
      • ‘Garden centers offer small packages of good soil which is rich in humus.’
      • ‘Pasteur sterilized two containers, both of which contained a broth rich in nutrients.’
      • ‘They are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and essential fatty acids.’
      • ‘Fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants can help scavenge free radicals generated by stress.’
      • ‘They're also rich in antioxidants that help eliminate free radicals and reduce inflammation in the skin.’
      • ‘In fact it is hard to tell that the Dutch Truffle Gateau is not as calorie rich as it tastes.’
      • ‘From the beginning I emphasised to Donald that I was asset rich and cash poor.’
      • ‘Similarly with the actors, we have got a lot of people who are time rich and asset poor.’
      • ‘Of course it is also possible to be asset rich but cash poor.’
      abounding in, well provided with, well supplied with, well stocked with, replete with, abundant in, rife with, crammed with, crowded with, packed with, jammed with, stuffed with, teeming with, swarming with, overflowing with, bursting with, brimful with, brimming with, loaded with, overloaded with, thick with, solid with
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    2. 2.2(of food) containing a large amount of fat, spices, sugar, etc.
      ‘dishes with wonderfully rich sauces’
      • ‘This is rich food, with spicing the owners say is unique to their restaurant.’
      • ‘The sauce was rich and delicately spiced, with a hint of turmeric and a sprinkling of fresh coriander.’
      • ‘The Swedes, heavily influenced by the French, use rich sauces in their food.’
      • ‘To control calories pay close attention to what goes on the bread or pasta such as butter, margarine and rich cream sauces.’
      • ‘Generally speaking, I prefer brown to white sugars in dense, rich fruit cake like this.’
      • ‘The rich pate was topped with clarified butter, and the simple addition of sweetly pickled cucumber cut through its richness.’
      • ‘Even on 160 acres the fish ended up moving to within a few yards of the margins, driven onto the lee shore by the strong wind that stirred up the bottom into a rich soup of natural food.’
      • ‘A luscious mocha sauce, the rich chocolate base, and a generous topping of crisp roasted almonds will make you long for more.’
      • ‘This struck the right balance, with plenty of crispy skin and a simple stuffing, which acted as a sensible foil to the rich meat and sauce.’
      • ‘It bristled with raw jalapeño, cut slightly by the rich cream sauce.’
      • ‘It presents a hierarchy of food types, with those at the base making up the foundation of a healthy diet and those at the top representing rich foods to be eaten sparingly.’
      • ‘Christmas, she rightly points out, is a time when all of us indulge in far too much rich food - a sure-fire recipe for indigestion.’
      • ‘Until the 90s, fashionable restaurants offered French cuisine, which meant rich sauces.’
      • ‘He saw huge tables laden with rich food of every kind.’
      • ‘The clocks may have gone back an hour and darkness may be falling at 5pm, but the good news is that this is the best time of year for lovers of warm, rich foods.’
      • ‘The soldiers gave them chocolates and bananas, but their emaciated bodies were too weak from malnutrition to tolerate such rich food.’
      • ‘The selection of deserts are definitely of the rich and warm variety.’
      • ‘When I talk about cheesecake I am talking about the true, baked variety, gloriously rich and creamy.’
      • ‘My friend really loved it, though it was a little too rich for my tastes.’
      • ‘There's smooth and rich Caribbean creme brûlée, creme caramel, frozen coconut mousse and warm apple crepes.’
      creamy, fatty, buttery, heavy, full-flavoured
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    3. 2.3(of drink) full-bodied.
      ‘a rich, hoppy beer’
      • ‘The wine is very rich, but the acidity saves it from being cloying.’
      • ‘The 2003 version has settled and is a rich, full-bodied table wine.’
      • ‘To neutralize the aftertaste of balut, the festival has halo-halo, a traditional, rich drink suitable for any occasion.’
      • ‘Already his hands have begun to shake at the thought of the rich drink, the burning alcohol.’
      • ‘They like to blend it with Semillion to make a leaner, less rich wine.’
      • ‘I enjoyed its rich, ripe, heavy oaky fruit with that classic touch of oaky austerity on the finish that Bordeaux is renowned for.’
      • ‘Flashy, expensive oak is evident in this sweet, rich wine.’
      • ‘The richness of duck needs a rich wine (red or white) with full flavor.’
      • ‘Complex too, the wine is rich with plums, brambles, raspberry, nice touches of vanilla oak and mouth-filling tannins.’
      • ‘It is luxuriously rich and fruity, the aftertaste reminiscent of pear drops.’
      • ‘The intense colour and elegant bouquet give way to a rich, full-bodied wine with ripe fruit and polished tannins.’
      • ‘As bowls of rich green tea arrived, Toshiaya stood up to dance.’
      • ‘That, in conjunction with the night's dinner and the rather rich coffee, caused the expected nausea, which hit me in force as we exited the coffee shop.’
      • ‘I much enjoyed this rich, crimson-purple wine with plenty of inky, earthy, charcuterie-suitable fruit.’
      • ‘J.W. Lees Harvest Ale has a vinous character; it's sweet, rich, and high in alcohol.’
      • ‘It is a dense, almost black, rich wine of amazing power.’
      • ‘They are rich with just a hint of the pungent flavor of Gorgonzola - another good match with the wine.’
      • ‘Very full and rich and dry with beefy tannins, this wine is of the type to drink with food only.’
      • ‘This one has intense raspberry and blackberry fruit with a full, rich finish.’
      • ‘It has a delicious nose of spice and vanilla with a glob of honey, and a deliciously rich and smooth finish.’
      full-bodied, heavy, luscious, robust, opulent, big, fruity, fat
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    4. 2.4(of the mixture in an internal combustion engine) containing a high proportion of fuel.
      ‘crank the engine until it fires and return the mixture to “rich”’
      • ‘I put my fuel mixture on rich, prop on full climb, and slowly released my brakes.’
      • ‘A black dry fluffy colored plug is caused by excessive idling of the bike or by deposits from a carburetor rich with too much gas.’
  • 3Producing a large quantity of something.

    ‘novels have always been a rich source of material for the film industry’
    • ‘Europe, a rich source of exciting, and, for the most part, inexpensive signings, in the second half of the 1990s is now seemingly ignored.’
    • ‘‘I've had letters published in Australia which have proved a rich source of stories,’ said Rob.’
    • ‘Keighley is a rich source of new stories and I look forward to uncovering more of them.’
    • ‘Whether City will go back down to the First Division is a rich source of debate but what is not in doubt is that the poor relations of Manchester are scoring plenty of goals.’
    • ‘As much as she plays it down, not wishing to ‘romanticise’ it, her home life must have been a rich source of inspiration.’
    • ‘The Yorkshire coast has long been a rich source of fossils.’
    • ‘For genealogists the archives are a rich source of local information.’
    • ‘All these items constitute a very rich source of ideas waiting to be explored.’
    • ‘The simple fact is that the more mature filmgoer is a rich source of cinema revenue.’
    • ‘It meant that by the ripe age of 39, when he decided to study for a degree, he had a rich source of material on which to draw if he was going to make it as a writer.’
    • ‘In short, there is a rich trove of primary source material from which to work.’
    • ‘There is a rich seam of material for a story in this case.’
    • ‘Boonlua is an excellent chap and a rich fund of information on crime in Pattaya in whose company I spent many amusing hours over the last month.’
    • ‘Williams's putting more self reflection and understanding in his music than ever before, and he's a rich seam of material.’
    • ‘Certainly this science is a rich field to mine, with far-reaching medical and social consequences.’
    • ‘Each of them is a rich mine of insights and arguments.’
    • ‘Other authors are mining the same rich seam of catastrophic potential.’
    • ‘Since acquiring the label in 2001, Sanctuary have mined the rich seam of the Trojan back catalogue.’
    • ‘Others are mining rich new veins - not of customers but of employees.’
    • ‘Why Fleet Street decided that the Celtic Tiger economy was such a potentially rich seam to mine in the first place remains something of a mystery.’
    1. 3.1(of soil or a piece of land) having the properties necessary to produce fertile growth.
      ‘the city is surrounded by rich agricultural land’
      • ‘That's why I look at the rich agricultural land in Aberdeenshire and ask what can be done to make it generate more income and more jobs.’
      • ‘Physiographic provinces range from the High Tatras in the north to the rich agricultural lands of the plains and the Danube Basin to the south.’
      • ‘It was surrounded by rich agricultural land, while the river Wensum gave opportunities for trade with Europe.’
      • ‘The town itself expanded through the intensive exploitation of the rich agricultural land along the North African coast.’
      • ‘I am puzzled by one thing though; the land here is rich and fertile, and the remains of many buildings still stand.’
      • ‘Rath National school is a three teacher school situated amidst rich agricultural land 11 miles from Portlaoise.’
      • ‘When soil is depleted, tree farms move to new locations, displacing food crops from rich agricultural land.’
      • ‘The land was rich and fertile, the town, clean and tastefully built.’
      • ‘Basalt thus produces heavy clay soils, many of which are abundant in nutrients and provide rich agricultural land.’
      • ‘This had once been rich farming land, the most fertile in Lanzarote.’
      • ‘It's been hard on the economy because the amount of food produced from those rich agricultural lands has decreased.’
      • ‘Kurdish leaders believe they need the oil fields and the rich agricultural land nearby to keep the region economically independent.’
      • ‘This rerouting of the river caused desertification of the agriculturally rich delta lands in Mexico.’
      • ‘Compared to bleak, blank land of the Oni Kai this was lush rich land.’
      • ‘The decision to leave his native Pennsylvania for the rich farming land of the Oregon Territory was not made lightly.’
      • ‘Before long teams were ploughing the rich lands of Yorkshire.’
      • ‘Cultivation of land now became important, and when a rich stretch of land was found the people now remained there and created a home.’
      • ‘The land here is rich and green, but for the most part from the river all that can be seen are the giant papyrus reeds, which line the bank.’
      • ‘The land was no longer rich and green but desolate and parched, gaping with hard, dusty cracks splitting deep into the earth.’
      • ‘Very little gold was found but more important was the fact that rich pastoral country was discovered.’
      fertile, productive, fecund, fruitful, lush, arable
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    2. 3.2(of a mine or mineral deposit) yielding a large quantity or proportion of precious metal.
      ‘one of the richest phosphate mines in the West’
      • ‘At the moment, there is a lot of interest in the mining industry about the potential of discovering rich mineral deposits in the area.’
      • ‘A class of gentlemen farmers was emerging in Chile, some of whom had made their fortunes as a result of Chile's rich mineral deposits.’
      • ‘There are rich mineral deposits and huge timber reserves, but these are largely unexploited, and lack of foreign exchange has led to food shortages.’
      • ‘Japan, for example, has no natural resources: no oil, no diamonds, no other rich mineral deposits.’
      • ‘The diamond mines of Golconda were legendary, but gradually rich deposits were discovered in many other countries.’
      • ‘There is also mention of the country's rich mineral deposits.’
      • ‘Petauke is home to the old Sassali Gold Mine and the Nchindeni Hills are believed to hold very rich deposits of copper and amethyst.’
      • ‘This was an extremely rich cliff-edge mine that was worked for a few years in the 1840s, and I was able to use the cobble to show why the mine was abandoned.’
      • ‘Completion of the Tonopah and Tidewater Rail Road allowed him to open the rich Lila C. Mine near Death Valley.’
      • ‘He was always elusive about the source of the gold, although he indicated that he had a rich mine.’
      • ‘Surface gold gave way to rich reef mines, especially at Kalgoorlie.’
      • ‘Despite rich mineral deposits and fertile soils, the state remains by far the poorest in South Asia.’
      • ‘Roughly 25 percent of the land is off-limits because of the rich alluvial diamond deposits.’
      • ‘Insizwa is reported to have very rich nickel deposits.’
      • ‘Despite its rich ore deposits, the Groverake is not known as a major specimen-producing mine.’
      • ‘This was followed closely by new demand for air transport to serve exploration teams seeking to exploit the country's rich deposits of iron ore.’
      • ‘Despite its rich mineral resources, Angola is one of the poorest countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.’
      • ‘In 1570, the Spanish decreed that the natives would be forced to work in the rich silver mines on the altiplano.’
      • ‘Two years earlier, the rich Witwatersrand gold deposits had been discovered in the Transvaal.’
      • ‘Some Guajiros have found work in coal mines, since Colombia has rich coal deposits in the region.’
  • 4(of a color, sound, smell, etc.) pleasantly deep or strong.

    ‘his rich bass voice’
    • ‘basmati rice has a rich aroma’
    • ‘Their skills combined to produce the modern windows with bright rich colours and strong design that Spence wanted.’
    • ‘The image is generally sharp with rich colours, deep blacks and good shadow detail.’
    • ‘Her hair was a dark brown, a rich colour that matched her eyes.’
    • ‘A rich colour palette of browns and reds, creams and whites and various shades of grey dominate.’
    • ‘Like a Burne - Jones painting, his images are saturated in colour so deep and rich you feel you could dip your hands into them.’
    • ‘The colours are deep and rich and help set an operatic mood and tone for almost every scene.’
    • ‘The wood is treated with oil extracted from the tung nut, giving it a deep, rich hue and a gleaming finish.’
    • ‘Chrysanthemums are also useful - there's a wonderful rich dark red variety which will glow against the greenery.’
    • ‘Their prayers and their singing are full of their rich French intonation and cultural nuance.’
    • ‘The music is cool, full and rich, upbeat pop with nice vocal harmonies.’
    • ‘At their looks of candid shock, the woman let a rich, full laugh.’
    • ‘The gallery is perhaps a little full, but the rich earthy tones, concise drawing and overall visual experience make it a worthwhile visit.’
    • ‘Both tracks are fine, the 4.0 track sounding a bit richer than the 2.0.’
    • ‘These floors start life a bright yellow which mellows to a rich chestnut as time goes by.’
    • ‘With walls painted a light yellow and the furniture the color of rich mahogany, it was a very welcoming place.’
    • ‘Back in his Pop Idol days, Will Young was the posh one with gorgeously rich vocals and a knack for treating classics staggeringly well.’
    • ‘You can find them in black or brown, but the classiest ones are made of a rich mahogany or a dark rosewood finish.’
    • ‘Equally significant, their bare winter stems are a rich mahogany red.’
    • ‘The room was styled simply, mahogany flooring and a rich blue plaster on the walls.’
    • ‘It is a rich wine colour, which gives this apartment a more feeling of home.’
    strong, deep, full, intense, vivid, brilliant, warm, vibrant, graphic
    sonorous, full, resonant, ringing, vibrant, deep, clear, mellow, mellifluous, melodious, full-bodied, strong, booming, fruity
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  • 5Interesting because full of diversity or complexity.

    ‘what a full, rich life you lead!’
    • ‘Waterloo's culture is rich and full of interesting facts, periods and places.’
    • ‘George led a full and rich life that has touched and brought joy to many of us.’
    • ‘Roundabout at Bangalow is a delight - subtle, amusing and full of rich details that bring much of the last century to life.’
    • ‘Ultimately we may create two new worlds that are every bit as rich, varied and interesting as our own.’
    • ‘Director Julie Bertuccelli has crafted an amazing film, one full of rich detail, quiet nuance and lovely performances.’
    • ‘Like other microhistories, this is a fascinating read, full of rich detail about the texture of urban existence.’
    • ‘It's the past, and however rich and fascinating and full of mystery it may be, it's not what's happening at this moment.’
    • ‘Crimes of the Heart is no different, full of the rich detail for which Beresford's Southern films are renowned.’
    • ‘Her internal monologues, the bits where she bangs on about how good she is and how she wants to live a full rich life and see plays and make people better, are the book's weakest links.’
    • ‘There is another rich, full life being lived by him that has nothing to do with dark screening rooms and old movie marathons, homages, or visual quotations.’
    • ‘So I have a really full and rich and wonderful life and I'm very grateful.’
    • ‘We are mostly middle class blue collar people who mostly live rich full lives with unlimited interests.’
    • ‘The history of the Cherokee is rich and full of outrageous tragedy.’
    • ‘She added that she found the cliffs very rich and very interesting for her from an artistic point of view.’
    • ‘Life there seemed so rich and full, and I was enjoying it all so much and on the way up, as it were, in my career.’
    • ‘Here is a woman who has lived a rich and full life, but who has not given up her creativity.’
    • ‘It may be a busy life that Barb leads, but it's certainly a full and rich one as well.’
    • ‘It is rich and sophisticated, interestingly constructed, and the historical analysis is fascinating.’
    • ‘This is a rich symbolic story, full of allegorical possibilities.’
    • ‘After boring contemplation, Pitt decides that no, he loves Forlani so much he will leave her behind to live a full and rich life.’
  • 6 informal (of a remark) causing ironic amusement or indignation.

    • ‘these comments are a bit rich coming from a woman with no money worries’
    • ‘Gerry Adams said it was a bit rich of David Trimble to belatedly complain about his little trip to London to deliver an important speech.’
    • ‘So it's a bit rich for Mr Rudd to come out and criticise the Government over relations with PNG.’
    • ‘Criticism of over-specialisation is a bit rich from one who is herself exactly that, a haematologist.’
    • ‘‘Kylie's demand to stipulate what council submits as opinion is a bit rich,’ she wrote.’
    • ‘The cooling-off period to which you refer is for your benefit, not the financial services company and it is a bit rich for Tesco to use it as a way to get you to withdraw your application.’
    • ‘Seeing as Parker has spent most of his life lambasting the elitism of British society, isn't it a bit rich to then suddenly roll over when the Queen comes calling?’
    • ‘So to attack us for re-telling, for the first time anywhere in the world, James Leo Herlihy's truly great and bizarre love story strikes me as a bit rich.’
    • ‘But it's a bit rich to carry on as if no decent person would ever do what you yourself were doing just a few days before.’
    • ‘Which is, of course, a bit rich coming from the so-called ‘party with a difference’.’
    • ‘They ran the gauntlet of the voter as well as the judges and won out and for people to start slagging them off is a bit rich.’
    • ‘Now this, I thought, was a bit rich, coming from a man who was notoriously slow to make changes in his own day on the Kildare line.’
    • ‘It all seems a bit rich to his colleagues that the home secretary was mouthing off about their inadequacies when his own record was far from perfect.’
    • ‘The Tories have signed away more than anyone else in Europe so I find it a bit rich when they shout about a referendum.’
    • ‘This is a bit rich coming from a man who has slept with 250 women.’
    • ‘And that is why I find it a bit rich, if you excuse the pun, of Mark McCormack to claim that golfers are too greedy.’
    • ‘And besides, isn't it a bit rich for David Murray to take sides in the political debate.’
    • ‘Certainly, it's a bit rich having to listen to a man telling you that the female orgasm doesn't exist.’
    • ‘Using the terms low-risk and low-interest rate environment in the same breath as Prize Bonds is a bit rich.’
    • ‘The accusation was a bit rich, coming from an administration run largely by men who had ducked service in Vietnam.’
    preposterous, outrageous, unreasonable, absurd, ironic, ridiculous, ludicrous, laughable, risible
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/riCH/ /rɪtʃ/


Old English rīce ‘powerful, wealthy’, of Germanic origin, related to Dutch rijk and German reich; ultimately from Celtic; reinforced in Middle English by Old French riche ‘rich, powerful’.