Definition of ricksha in English:



(also rickshaw)
  • 1A light two-wheeled hooded vehicle drawn by one or more people, used chiefly in Asian countries.

    ‘I'm not talking about some futuristic Mad Max scenario where the oil runs out and we're forced to travel round in horse drawn carts and rickshaws.’
    • ‘The road was a blur; a blur of traffic that ranged from modern cars to classic Asian rickshaws.’
    • ‘All over Southeast Asia rickshaws are the unsung vehicles that keep populations moving along congested streets and narrow alleyways, swinging deftly through multiple lanes of angry city traffic as quietly as worker ants.’
    • ‘I witnessed the panic as people fled the city in cars, lorries, motor cycles, bullock carts, bicycles, rickshaws, you name it.’
    • ‘Besides autos, there are two-wheelers, transport buses, water lorries, rickshaws and cycles.’
    • ‘Cars and autos, cycles and rickshaws, scooters and even huge four-wheel vehicles squirm their way through the shrinking lanes.’
    • ‘We swung out of the bazaar, weaved through the rickshaws and donkey carts and the gaudily decorated buses and headed West.’
    • ‘Police quoted witnesses as saying the bomb, placed in a standing rickshaw and targeting a police van, was exploded by remote control, damaging both the van and the three-wheeler.’
    • ‘It looked like a mixture between a small car, a motorcycle, and a rickshaw.’
    • ‘When, during the rally, police tried to stop rickshaws entering the centre, protesters sat down in solidarity with the pullers.’
    • ‘He makes detailed models of motorcycles, bicycles, rickshaws and pedicabs just by using small pieces of electrical wire.’
    • ‘He gave me a card released by the Bangalore City Traffic Police for the purpose of making complaints about the taxis and rickshaws.’
    • ‘‘It is too expensive for us to travel by a taxi or a rickshaw and not all of the us are affluent enough to afford their own car,’ he said.’
    • ‘The youths, who had followed them for some distance, got on to the rickshaw and beat the rickshaw-puller and Ms Prem Lata.’
    • ‘Luxury cars jostle with bicycles and rickshaws at congested intersections.’
    • ‘Dorothy House is still looking for vehicles to add to the challenge and is appealing for loans of anything from ice cream vans to rickshaws.’
    • ‘Taxis, motorbikes, rickshaws and carts laden high with vegetables jostle for space in the congested main street.’
    • ‘Cars, buses, pedestrians, mopeds and rickshaws weave erratically down the streets.’
    • ‘If the penalty points system was introduced it would wipe out 99 per cent of all traffic and all you would have left would be bicycles and rickshaws.’
    • ‘Participants found it worthwhile having a look at a stall with over a dozen miniature models of bicycles and rickshaws.’
    1. 1.1A vehicle similar to a three-wheeled bicycle, having a seat for passengers behind the driver.
      ‘This will mean that no two-stroke motorcycles, rickshaws or delivery vans, will be allowed to ply the roads of the metropolis.’
      • ‘Alongside late-model European, American and Japanese cars, one finds hand-pulled trolleys, horse-drawn trucks, bicycle carts and pedal-driven rickshaws.’
      • ‘Dual lane highways will carry everything from pedal rickshaws to articulated trucks in all forms of disrepair, some having major workshop overhauls in the middle of the road, where they broke down.’



/ˈrikˌSHô/ /ˈrɪkˌʃɔ/


Late 19th century abbreviation of jinricksha.