Definition of ride-sharing in English:



usually as modifier
  • The practice of arranging for travel in a private vehicle driven by its owner, free or for a fee, especially by means of a website or app.

    ‘a proposal that would require all ride-sharing companies to have commercial liability insurance’
    • ‘we don't need to own cars in the age of ride-sharing’
    • ‘State data indicate that the surge in gasoline prices over the past year has not triggered an avalanche of ride-sharing.’
    • ‘For the van-poolers from Newburyport, ride-sharing makes perfect sense.’
    • ‘Developing a ride-sharing system is no easy task - even the city's Taxi and Limousine Commission scaled back its cab-sharing experiment in recent months.’
    • ‘Your address may be released to other trip participants for ride-sharing or other trip-related purposes.’
    • ‘Detailed in the state's decision, they include a transportation management program that includes major public transit and ride-sharing initiatives.’
    • ‘The state program helps commuters explore ride-sharing and public transportation options.’
    • ‘He joined NuRide, a national ride-sharing Web site, and began rotating the driving with three others from his area.’
    • ‘Among its recommendations: Create innovative alternatives tailored to the needs of older people, such as ride-sharing systems, volunteer driving programs and door-to-door community transportation services.’
    • ‘"Today, pedestrian, bicycle, ride-sharing and van-pooling solutions are given relatively low priority, and are treated as if they are marginal opportunities not worth high-level attention," the panel said.’
    • ‘Speaking of cars, there are no fewer than four car reserving apps on the market, touting either cab reservations or crowd-sourced ride-sharing.’