Definition of ride shotgun in English:

ride shotgun


  • 1North American informal Travel as a guard in the seat next to the driver of a vehicle.

    • ‘police armed with automatic rifles ride shotgun on the trucks’
    • ‘When I rode shotgun for truck drivers, my weapon of choice was a 12-gauge pump-action.’
    • ‘We need someone to ride shotgun with our first responders-more guns, right?’
    • ‘One crew came under such sustained abuse that town hall chiefs ordered Neighbourhood Safety officers to ride shotgun on the truck to stop the attacks.’
    • ‘It goes like this: the secret service agents detailed to ride shotgun on the motorcade went out drinking the night before.’
    • ‘Wyatt rode shotgun for Wells Fargo stagecoaches and moonlighted as a gambler.’
    1. 1.1Ride in the front passenger seat of a vehicle.
      ‘Jacob got in the back seat next to Katie and Jessica rode shotgun’
      • ‘Last year, she rode shotgun in a NASCAR vehicle for several laps at a California racetrack.’
      • ‘One Porsche fan will be given the chance to ride shotgun in the one-off 911 on Britain's Silverstone circuit.’
      • ‘If your dog likes to ride shotgun with you in the car, margarine tubs are the perfect utensil for dog food and water to-go.’
      • ‘The Corvette has a refined ride quality that will appeal not only to drivers but the lady friends who will inevitably be riding shotgun.’
      • ‘The ride did sit well with the team sponsor and his country's minister of sport, who rode shotgun in the team's car.’
      • ‘To begin with, only lightly used rural or suburban roads will be used, and with a person riding shotgun ready to take over in emergencies.’
      • ‘"It makes the interior feel very open," said Tom, who rode shotgun on a trip to Michigan.’
      • ‘I walked away with a minor break to my arm but my brother who was riding shotgun in the front seat required stitches after his head impacted the windshield.’
      • ‘Her son, riding shotgun, proudly filmed his mother driving and then posted it on YouTube.’
      • ‘The redhead riding shotgun turned and looked at me with disgust.’
      • ‘They honk to her and the man riding shotgun gets out and lets her into the front passenger seat.’
      • ‘The car packed, we left early the next day, me driving and my son riding shotgun with his "Death Jar" containing the now dead (hopefully) spider.’