Definition of ride up in English:

ride up

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phrasal verb

  • (of a garment) gradually work or move upward out of its proper position.

    ‘her skirt had ridden up’
    • ‘Are they watching, in the hope they see a girl driving a car with windows big enough that they can see her skirt riding up?’
    • ‘Her skirt was riding up, her voice began to tremble a little when I took that corner a little too sharply.’
    • ‘Then I notice that in this sedentary position, the whole ensemble rides up around my waist.’
    • ‘The black skirt Sheree wore rode up her thighs as she wrapped her legs around his waist.’
    • ‘I scooted down until I was lying down myself, my skirt riding up a little.’
    • ‘Her hair was mussed up and her skirt was already riding up her legs.’
    • ‘The constant movement caused my skirt to ride up, and the bottom of my thighs squeaked against the leather.’
    • ‘Brad sunk lower into his seat, letting his jacket ride up to cover the back of his head.’
    • ‘I make sure no one sees because I never take my boxers off or let them ride up, even when changing for basketball.’