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mainly North American
  • The number of passengers using a particular form of public transportation.

    ‘Amtrak logged a record 24 million passengers last year and ridership jumped 80 percent during the Thanksgiving holiday.’
    • ‘When the service shut down, ridership averaged about 24 passengers per day.’
    • ‘The majority of ridership on a transit line comes from about 300 metres around every station.’
    • ‘Partly because of their efforts, the island's public bus system has expanded, ridership is way up, and auto traffic is at least manageable.’
    • ‘Amtrak used promotions to generate the record ridership - resulting in less revenue per passenger.’
    • ‘But monorail-board member Paul Toliver, a former Metro Transit head, said yesterday that less-frequent service would cause only a small drop in monorail ridership.’
    • ‘The ridership for buses around town is 80-100% black.’
    • ‘The bus strike shows decisively that proponents of transit are simply not telling the truth when they say that transit ridership reduces congestion.’
    • ‘The Staten Island ferries are decreasing in ridership, although there has been heightened demand at other ferry crossings.’
    • ‘Studies comparing annual ridership rank New York City's subway system the fifth largest in the world.’
    • ‘Tri-Rail expects this to significantly improve running times, frequency, and ridership.’
    • ‘Although there is a student survey planned, it will only assess whether or not students would want this service, and not whether student ridership would actually increase (as opposed to walking, biking or car use).’
    • ‘Brenda Jones feels the new system will give TransLink a better indication of the levels of transit ridership, and she notes that a similar system has been used successfully in New York City for approximately 10 years.’
    • ‘With bus ridership in decline over the last few decades, it's fitting that the Montreal Transit Corporation is known as the MTC, pronounced as ‘empty seat.’’
    • ‘Taking the bus is a personal choice, but the GRT should encourage ridership instead of offering alternative (environmentally unfriendly) means of transportation.’
    • ‘Yet council voted as part of the 2002 budget to give the Toronto Transit Commission $13 million less than it needed, a move that will lead to a fare increase this summer and a likely decrease in ridership.’
    • ‘Although it's uncertain whether Amtrak service will be able to keep on track, ridership of the company's trains has increased 14% in Iowa over the past year.’
    • ‘The perennially underfunded train system pressed extra cars into service and honored airline tickets as its long-distance ridership swelled 35 percent.’
    • ‘The result is that from 1990 to 1996, transit ridership grew 20 percent faster in the metropolitan region than did vehicle miles traveled.’
    • ‘Ginger reported that the authority's own studies showed that lower fares would actually result in increased ridership and increased revenues, with no increase in costs.’



/ˈrīdərˌSHip/ /ˈraɪdərˌʃɪp/