Definition of ridic in English:



  • Ridiculous.

    ‘she looks ridic in that outfit’
    ‘other people are charging ridic prices’
    • ‘I didn't end up buying anything (save the most expensive white chocolate mocha I will ever buy) because the exchange rate is ridic right now.’
    • ‘I know the market is rebounding but this is ridic.’
    • ‘Whoa, so I thought this was ridic before, but now?’
    • ‘The abuse she received on Facebook was ridic.’
    • ‘It's funny because it's just totally ridic.’
    • ‘What are your thoughts on this remake after having seen this ridic movie trailer?’
    • ‘Kinda regretting putting off my Christmas shopping until next week because this traffic is ridic.’
    • ‘What do people need to be up this early for anyway? 5:30 ... that's just ridic.’
    • ‘The line to get a metropass is ridic right now.’
    • ‘i just spent a ridic amount of time looking for a desktop wallpaper.’
    • ‘I'm so tired right now it's ridic.’
    • ‘These GOP proposed cuts are ridic.’
    • ‘I am not her biggest fan, but I do feel like a dude can cultivate a look and give himself a ridic name and not get the same tear-down.’
    • ‘I've heard of trickle-down economics, but this is ridic!’
    • ‘No wonder there are fights, that line is ridic and people get restless and annoyed.’
    • ‘Despite the ridic weekend heat wave, over 12,000 made it to the first L.A. Flea Market at the Dodger Stadium on Sunday.’


1920s abbreviation.