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riding crop

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  • A short flexible whip with a loop for the hand, used in riding horses.

    ‘Public attitudes to punishment are revealed by the readiness of juries to acquit parents who have hit their children with whips, canes, riding crops, electric flexes, and belts.’
    • ‘A horse whip conjures up visions of a long stock type whip, where a riding crop is a small item, about 18 inches long and is designed to give a short sharp sting with no seen physical effects.’
    • ‘Skinner kept canes and a riding crop in his locker, which he used on his victims.’
    • ‘Robert whipped at a patch of well-kept grass with his riding crop.’
    • ‘One of the lads began beating the horses on their quarters with a riding crop to get them into the water, despite the fact that both horses were terrified.’
    • ‘And someone should take a riding crop to the film-makers.’
    • ‘Keith tucks his riding crop under his arm and hops up on Chief.’
    • ‘Two hours later, Thompson came bellowing into the room holding a glass of whisky and a leather riding crop.’
    • ‘She rode on unharmed, no doubt breathing a sigh of relief as the only weapon she carried was a riding crop.’
    • ‘The other case was the woman who was acquitted in court for using a riding crop on her son.’
    whip, lash, scourge, cat, thong, switch, birch, cane, stick


riding crop

/ˈrīdiNG kräp/ /ˈraɪdɪŋ krɑp/