Definition of right-handedness in English:



See right-handed

  • ‘No-one understands the preponderance of, or reason for, human right-handedness, and it has not been found to be related to any motor or cognitive behaviour, other than measures of fine-finger dexterity.’
  • ‘This NY Times article describes Dr. Amar J. S. Klar's hypothesis that there is a specific dominant gene that causes right-handedness.’
  • ‘Living in his mirror image world would be a real pain - after a lifetime of right-handedness, I don't think I could get used to being a southpaw.’
  • ‘Few US citizens are forced into right-handedness by their parents during their childhood.’
  • ‘It's a huge sample that will need more analysis but what it seems to show is a small, but clear bias towards right-handedness.’