Definition of right enough in English:

right enough


  • Certainly; undeniably.

    • ‘your record's bad right enough’
    • ‘And right enough it happened - the gaffer got the phone call.’
    • ‘It will be nice to see him before the whistle goes, right enough.’
    • ‘They stood up to the occasion, right enough, but all over the pitch, in conditions more conducive to ice-skating, players from both sides were going down.’
    • ‘It is getting pretty noisy round here right enough as one of neighbours up the hill seems to have invested in a cockerel.’
    • ‘‘It may be a fine building, right enough,’ said one grey-bearded spectator, standing outside the public entrance.’
    • ‘Those lines can be a bit difficult, right enough.’
    • ‘I nearly collapse afterwards, right enough, but I'm getting there.’
    • ‘It's a brilliant and very weird piece of film-making, right enough, and the soundtrack's excellent.’
    • ‘It was a bit rum, right enough: the two had become very firm friends since meeting when the boy was stricken with cancer.’
    • ‘Well, if my guess is correct, this could have been the weapon, right enough.’