Definition of ring-tailed lemur in English:

ring-tailed lemur


  • A gregarious lemur with a gray coat, black rings around the eyes, and distinctive black-and-white banding on the tail.

    Lemur catta, family Lemuridae

    ‘Animal keepers have long recognized that some species, such as ring-tailed lemurs and snow leopards, adapt better to captivity than other species do.’
    • ‘A male ring-tailed lemur, for example, has scent glands on its forearms.’
    • ‘But when the zookeeper arranged for us to give the ring-tailed lemurs their lunch I decided this was the chance to face my fear - and show my three-year-old that feeding animals is fun.’
    • ‘Rhinos, giraffes, spectacled bears, baboons, monkeys, cheetahs and lions have large enclosures in which to roam around, while other creatures, such as ring-tailed lemurs, run wild.’


ring-tailed lemur

/riNG tāld ˈlēmər/ /rɪŋ teɪld ˈlimər/