Definition of ring in one's ears in English:

ring in one's ears


(also ring in one's head)
  • Linger in the memory.

    ‘he left Washington with the president's praises ringing in his ears’
    • ‘Lord Cecil's admonishment still rang in her ears and the memory of the pressure of his fingers on her arm had yet to fade hours after the occurrence.’
    • ‘I grew up in a town covered in smog, memories of the legendary Mannion and Hardwick ringing in our ears and the prospect of the club never doing owt.’
    • ‘But many Chinese parents feel betrayed when their children leave home, when an ancient poem ‘A good son should not go too far when his parents are alive’ still rings in their ears.’
    • ‘Their conversation rings in my ears and I mentally block it all out, straining the muscles around my head, looking for focus.’
    • ‘And it's quite the job to get that damn ‘Lola’ from ringing in your head.’