Definition of ring off in English:

ring off

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phrasal verb

  • End a phone call by replacing the receiver.

    ‘before I ring off can I have a quick word with Colin?’
    • ‘But - oh, sweet relief - you've somehow managed to grab the receiver before the bearer of important news rings off.’
    • ‘‘Trouble?’ said James when Astor rang off having received details of Wendy's destination.’
    • ‘He has perfected the skill of calling just after the alarm has gone off but before I've fully woken up so I never catch it before the machine picks it up, which means I end up running into the lounge before he rings off.’
    • ‘Just before she rings off, she emphasises her view that Faithless are around for the long haul - still something of a rarity in the ever-mutating dance world.’
    • ‘When he rings off with a cackle, I realise I miss him.’
    • ‘Eventually it rings… and rings off leaving me with a dead phone.’
    • ‘‘Sounds fabulous,’ she fluttered, before ringing off.’
    • ‘‘Point well taken, but wait until the next makeover,’ Ms. Saxena says ringing off.’
    • ‘I tried to explain my doubtless feeble joke, but my critic was having none of it, delivering her rebuke and, having had her stern say, ringing off.’
    • ‘We made it about halfway through Erin's computerized message before ringing off.’
    • ‘There's one last thing Alexander's friends tell you before ringing off.’
    • ‘She rang off, leaving me staring at the telephone, mouth open in disbelief.’
    • ‘So, I ask, when she finally rings off, does she have a fellow feeling with Campbell?’
    • ‘Yes, Sheree finally said, before ringing off.’
    • ‘It later turned out that he had been fooled at first, but after ringing off had decided to check; he rang the GM's normal number, and was not entirely surprised to receive a prompt answer from the gutted mansion.’
    • ‘‘We breathe again, and I'm saying this from a dark corner of my cell,’ Desai said, before hastily ringing off.’
    • ‘There is a chance that his misstep, and your ringing off, chastened him.’
    • ‘Lines had to be shared with people dialling up, ringing off and basically stacking like planes outside Heathrow airport.’
    • ‘Before ringing off, she again confirmed the order and the address, all very comforting.’
    • ‘A journalist who gets so much as a whiff of this treatment should ring off immediately, and then conspicuously omit to cover the flack's employer until, after a few days or weeks, he inevitably rings back ready to crawl.’