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ring road

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  • A bypass encircling a town; a beltway.

    ‘We have a ring road around the town.’
    • ‘They drove in silence for ten minutes through the traffic to the ring road.’
    • ‘The citizens of Naas are also set to benefit with newer and bigger sewerage pipes being laid to facilitate the development of Millennium Park and a ring road which will divert traffic away from Naas town centre.’
    • ‘From the ring road, take the last exit from the flyover, turning into Whitefriars.’
    • ‘I'd never been to Terri's home before that day, and was surprised to discover that she lived in a very ‘nice’ house near the top of the hill that led to the northern end of the ring road.’
    • ‘He headed up towards the roundabout, but instead of turning right down the ring road towards the M4, he went straight across heading into the countryside south of Westing.’
    • ‘The airport has a new terminal; the motorways have been widened to a daring three lanes in each direction, and there is a new ring road round the whole site.’
    • ‘We took the M40 motorway and then the A40 ring road around Oxford.’
    • ‘The motorway will link up with the southern ring road at Sandyford and with the airport motorway on the north of Dublin.’
    • ‘The manor house stood above and to the left of the ring road on a tree-lined ridge at the top of a steeply sloping hillside.’
    • ‘A new ring road will be built to service the developments, which are located on the edge of the town.’
    • ‘The improvement of the city infrastructure with the ring road and the tunnel has opened up the west and the south of the city.’
    • ‘The development is close to a quality bus corridor, the outer ring road and the M50.’
    • ‘On the ring road it was necessary to take to get there we discovered massive long queues.’
    • ‘The development is surrounded by a specially built ring road designed to minimise traffic flow, while a number of walkways and entrances are designed to ensure easy access for pedestrians and cyclists.’
    • ‘In the long term, the solution to our transport needs is not to build more roads, wider roads and an ever increasing number of ring roads, relief roads and motor-ways.’
    • ‘The ring roads which were planned to encircle the capital city are in some cases nine years behind schedule.’
    • ‘In principle cars, buses and coaches could be deflected around major cities by building ring roads, and local passengers would have to change on to a network of radial electrified railways to gain access to and from the city centre.’
    • ‘New inner and outer ring roads will be built to accommodate the growth in traffic caused by the development, necessitating the building of a bridge over the railway, and current roads will be widened or improved.’
    • ‘On each of its three ring roads there are cheap park-and-ride facilities where people can leave their cars to use public transport.’
    roundabout route, indirect route, circuitous route, scenic route, tourist route, diversion, bypass, alternative route, digression, deviation, byway, bypath


ring road

/ˈriNG ˌrōd/ /ˈrɪŋ ˌroʊd/