Definition of ring up in English:

ring up

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phrasal verb

  • 1ring something up, ring up somethingRecord an amount on a cash register.

    ‘he took the money for the drinks and rang it up’
    • ‘I dug out a credit card and stood, wordless, as my sale was rung up.’
    • ‘Ask salespeople if they will hold your selections until the first day of the sales-tax holiday so they can be rung up without tax.’
    • ‘They're also in the express checkout and after all items have been rung up, will suddenly say: ‘Wait, I forgot the milk!’’
    • ‘She orders one anyway and he rings it up on a cash register that has a little Canadian flag on it.’
    • ‘I finished up the sandwiches and started ringing them up on the cash register, but they were too busy ogling the girls and their mini skirts to care.’
    • ‘She half-considered looking it up and ringing it up on the cash register when she went home, which was hopefully near.’
    • ‘The cashier put the brown shoes into a box and rang them up on the cash register.’
    • ‘He'd wrap up your purchase in brown paper and string, ringing it up on one of those ancient cash registers where the numbers popped up and actually went ka-ching!’
    • ‘She marches up to the cash register and lets the employee who was watching me ring it up.’
    • ‘While the sales lady took 45 minutes to ring it up, I drooled over the jewelry and pointed out items for the kid to tell her father to get for me.’
    • ‘It's the game where I buy groceries from her, and she rings them up.’
    • ‘The clerk rang it up and I took out my wallet to pay him.’
    • ‘I looked at the cover of it, called Oh My Vampires, as I rang it up.’
    • ‘I walked right over to the counter and told them that I wanted that specific doughnut and the guy rang it up for me.’
    • ‘Cory handed the guy her purple shirt and he rang it up.’
    • ‘Georgia rang it up and then Beth and Edie headed home.’
    • ‘David gave me his order, and I quickly rang it up.’
    • ‘The woman went in the back and came out and rang the shoes up.’
    • ‘At length, the clerk returned, fished under the counter for a collection of small paper envelopes, and rang them up.’
    • ‘The man scooped their ice creams and then rang them up.’
  • 2also ring someone up, ring up someoneBritish Call someone by phone.

    ‘Harriet rang Dorothy up the next day’
    • ‘reporters began ringing up for confirmation’