Definition of ringed in English:



  • 1Marked with or encircled by a ring or rings.

    ‘a long, ringed tail similar to a tabby cat’
    • ‘A head with a ringed neck probably refers to the well-known fertility goddess.’
    • ‘Her ringed tail twitched, and she disappeared.’
    • ‘They dozed with their black-and-white ringed tails flung over their shoulders like feather boas.’
    • ‘You can stretch your arms out and hit a number of ringed targets that are aligned along rails.’
    • ‘We did bag some fat ringed perch, nearly two dozen slab-sized crappies, and a similar number of northern pike.’
    • ‘Mostly inexpensive metalwork such as ringed pins characterize the industry and crafts going on in the town.’
    • ‘I was already a schoolboy, proudly wearing the green blazer and ringed cap of my school.’
    • ‘We search one last time for green kingfisher (small, quiet, and hard to spot) and ringed kingfisher (big, noisy, and easy to spot).’
    • ‘She spoke of "the ringed eyes, sunken as a lemur's," the face that dissolved like smoke, and the curling up, like a turtle or a fetus.’
    • ‘It possesses a natural composite quality in the elastic sapwood and the more densely ringed heartwood.’
    1. 1.1Astronomy (of a planet) having a thin band or disk of rock and ice particles formed in its orbit.
      ‘the probe will study the ringed planet for four years’
      • ‘I was impressed by the scene of a ringed planet sliding across the sky on its way to block out the sun.’
      • ‘Chapter 4 deals with the process of creating ringed planets, star fields, and other celestial bodies.’
      • ‘He learns that that he is the alien, and discovers his home is orbiting a ringed Saturn-like planet.’
      • ‘Images of Saturn reveal that the ringed planet is not the silver colour it appears from Earth.’
      • ‘It appears to be a solid object, which was captured by Saturn's gravity, rather than being a chip off the ringed planet.’
      • ‘Further afield there are the starkly beautiful pictures of a ringed Saturn and the outer planets, Uranus and Neptune.’
      • ‘They reported 12 more moons orbiting Saturn, putting the ringed giant back ahead of Jupiter as the planet with the most satellites.’
      • ‘It is gravitationally captive to the giant ball of ringed gases that is Saturn.’
      • ‘The spacecraft began its journey to the ringed world nearly seven years ago.’
      • ‘Titan's position in orbit meant that it disappeared five minutes before its ringed parent.’
  • 2Wearing a ring, as an ornament or a token of marriage, engagement, or authority.

    ‘they wore suits with the sleeves pulled back to show ringed fingers’
    • ‘He ran a heavily ringed right hand through his crimson hair.’
    • ‘Her opponent had a ringed lip.’
    • ‘The ringed man quickly looked behind him to see if anyone had heard.’
    • ‘Her ringed nostril flared.’
    • ‘As he held out each one, he tapped it with his ringed fingers.’
    • ‘They wore new suits, with the sleeves pulled back to show ringed fingers and white shirt cuffs.’
    • ‘We were afraid of the soundless swing of our father's ringed fist.’
    • ‘How shall we ever admire our civic leaders if we cannot look up to them, to see a white silk glove raised in blessing, a ringed-hand greeting?’
    • ‘He thanks everyone profusely and leaves for his kingdom, where his nose-ringed princess waits for him.’
    • ‘He was a ringed man—that is, he wore on his head the black ring, made of a species of gum polished with fat and worked up in the hair.’
    1. 2.1British Ornithology (of a bird) having an aluminium strip secured around a leg as a means of identification.
      • ‘ringed birds have been recovered in winter’



/riNGd/ /rɪŋd/