Definition of ringed plover in English:

ringed plover


  • A small plover found chiefly in Eurasia, with white underparts and a black collar, breeding on sand or shingle beaches.

    Genus Charadrius, family Charadriidae : three species, in particular Charadrius hiaticula

    ‘The Killdeer is the largest of the ringed plovers, and the only plover in its range with a double breast band.’
    • ‘Bird species to be seen include ringed plover, oystercatcher, redshank and little grebe.’
    • ‘In the past week, sand martins, swallows, chiffchaffs, wheaters and ringed plovers have all been seen there.’
    • ‘Several species of ground-nesting birds including lapwing, redshank and ringed plover have come under threat from hedgehogs.’
    • ‘Apart from the passing migrants, this site also attracts some of the rare birds such as little ringed plovers and red wattled lapwings, they say.’
    • ‘I observed a pair of ringed plovers, a new species for me, a common redshank, two dozen black-winged stilts and a yellow wagtail.’
    • ‘My first sighting was of large numbers of pink-footed geese and wigeon along with some ringed plover and shelduck.’
    • ‘Other breeding waders include 19 drumming snipe, 3 pairs of dunlin and 4 pairs of ringed plover.’
    • ‘And an over-enthusiastic little ringed plover - a ground nesting wading bird - decided to get in early and nest on a mound of earth amid all the construction activity.’


ringed plover

/ˌriNGd ˈpləvər/ /ˌrɪŋd ˈpləvər/ /ˌriNGd ˈplōvər/ /ˌrɪŋd ˈploʊvər/