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  • 1A lock of hair hanging in a corkscrew-shaped curl.

    ‘her hair fell loose in ringlets’
    • ‘His dark, black hair, curls into ringlets, falling from his head.’
    • ‘It seemed that every strand of hair was in place, curling in loose ringlets towards the ends.’
    • ‘I took a quick shower, dried my hair, and curled it in loose ringlets like I did every day.’
    • ‘Her long blonde hair fell around her face in gentle ringlets, little curls falling down over her grey eyes.’
    • ‘She returned to the bathroom and finished shaping her long, honey-brown hair into loose ringlets.’
    • ‘She had long, jet black hair in loose ringlets that bounced as she walked.’
    • ‘Her black hair was curled into tight ringlets.’
    • ‘Her hair had been curled into ringlets and piled on top of her head; a scattering of pearls gleaming in amongst the curls like crocus buds emerging from rich, dark soil.’
    • ‘My hair was curled into ringlets and piled on the top of my hair.’
    • ‘Her rich chestnut hair was piled into a nest of soft ringlets with soft wispy curls framing her heart-shaped face.’
    • ‘She played with a ringlet of hair which was no longer tightly curled as it had been a few hours before.’
    • ‘She had curled the ends in layers and pulled her hair into a high ponytail, leaving a ringlet on either side of her face.’
    • ‘Her dark, chocolate brown hair fell in bouncy ringlets and looked perfect whether Adele let it hang naturally or pinned it up.’
    • ‘She looked to be around thirty and had brown hair curled in ringlets around her face.’
    • ‘I began to smile, and she shook her head energetically, sending her ringlets and curls darting in every direction.’
    • ‘Her hair was in ringlets and she was wearing heels.’
    • ‘She walked gracefully down the steps, her hair now in beautiful ringlets.’
    • ‘She decided that she was going to let her hair dry in ringlets because she didn't feel like taking the time to straighten it.’
    • ‘Her long black hair lay in perfect ringlets framing her face.’
    • ‘Most of them had their hair done up or ringlets cascading down their backs.’
    tress, tuft, curl
  • 2A brown butterfly that has wings bearing eyespots that are typically highlighted by a paler color.

    Aphantopus, Erebia, and other genera in the subfamily Satyrinae, family Nymphalidae: several species

    ‘The wildflower meadows provide shelter for a variety of butterflies, such as common blue, holly blue, orange tip, ringlet and meadow brown.’
    • ‘Meadow grass harbors the tiny caterpillars of ringlets and satyrs.’



/ˈriNGlət/ /ˈrɪŋlət/