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  • A contagious itching skin disease occurring in small circular patches, caused by any of a number of fungi and affecting chiefly the scalp or the feet. The most common form is athlete's foot.

    Also called tinea

    ‘Carefully check, too, for any rashes or flaky skin on the scalp - which could signify anything from scalp ringworm to dermatitis.’
    • ‘It's not a fun topic, but your feet can suffer from a variety of fungal infections that are a form of tinea, or ringworm.’
    • ‘However, if left untreated, ringworm may cause permanent scarring.’
    • ‘They taught me about hepatitis, malaria, ringworm and how Edward Jenner discovered the cure to small pox while working with milkmaids.’
    • ‘Lice, malaria, ringworm, typhoid, and dysentery were rampant.’
    • ‘Prisoners were also paid small fees to be infected with ringworm, warts, herpes, staph, and other bacteria.’
    • ‘We always hoped that we would not catch those infections that were found rather humiliating because they were considered the problems of ‘dirty children’ - ringworm, impetigo, worms and nits in the hair.’
    • ‘Without state funding in place, he provided clean clothing to all of the new patients, many of whom were in poor health and suffering from ringworm.’
    • ‘My ringworm worried her more than the swarms of rumors the local gossips were stirring.’



/ˈriNGˌwərm/ /ˈrɪŋˌwərm/