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informal mainly North American
  • Old-fashioned, amateurish, or shoddy.

    • ‘the fifty-third issue of the quarterly looked just as rinky-dink as the first’
    • ‘Danny's handing out rinky-dink rhinestone necklaces.’
    • ‘To hell with these rinky-dink laminated badges, we need capes.’
    • ‘Why get so worked up over a rinky-dink league that most people aren't watching any way?’
    • ‘About six weeks after the commencement ceremony, I found myself hitching a ride with Jimmy and the folks over to the bus station; convinced I had a greater destiny than wasting my life in the little rinky-dink town I'd been born in.’
    • ‘While this is unlikely to be an issue for many viewers, this type of sloppy encoding makes the DVD feel rushed and rinky-dink certainly not up to the standards of a studio that has more than enough resources to produce a better product.’
    • ‘Why was George so interested in the history of economic thought that he was willing to devote a substantial amount of his time and energy to helping a new, struggling, rinky-dink journal get on its feet?’
    • ‘I pull into this rinky-dink gas station.’
    • ‘With a good DVD offering 5.1 surround sound, the experience is as about as good as our rinky-dink local half-plex theater.’
    • ‘What's with the rinky-dink picture that is far too small to actually show you what your changes are going to look like?’
    • ‘He wears a rinky-dink little pigtail and looks like a baby-faced Russian farm boy.’
    • ‘Prices are lower than on the main website, with typical high bids including £181 for three nights in a luxury Brighton hotel and just seven quid for a brand new pair of rinky-dink sunglasses.’
    old-fashioned, outmoded, out of fashion, out of date, unfashionable, frumpish, frumpy, out of style, outdated, dated, out, outworn, old, former, dead, musty, old-time, old-world, behindhand, past, bygone, archaic, obsolescent, obsolete, ancient, antiquated, superannuated



/ˈriNGkēˌdiNGk/ /ˈrɪŋkiˌdɪŋk/


Late 19th century (as a noun, denoting a swindle): of unknown origin.