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riot gear

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  • Protective clothing and equipment worn by police or prison officers in situations of crowd violence.

    ‘officers in riot gear’
    • ‘Behind me the door crashed open and a police officer in full riot gear came through waving a shotgun, I'd already recognised her from her voice, I put my hands behind my head and stood there.’
    • ‘More than 1,000 students clashed with police in riot gear, blocking the President's access to the site and forcing him to pull around to a back gate.’
    • ‘Just as I was deciding to get out and walk, the protestors upped and left for another intersection, pursued - we saw minutes later - by dozens of police in riot gear.’
    • ‘Protesters faced armored cars, horses, and police in full riot gear.’
    • ‘I was running back and forth trying to find the train and I walked smack dab into a riot where there were police in riot gear beating on this group of about a hundred guys.’
    • ‘Local police and New Jersey State Troopers, dressed in riot gear and armed with automatic weapons, had cordoned off an eighteen-block area in the oldest part of the city where the poorest people lived.’
    • ‘Officers dressed in riot gear, holding stun staffs and personal shields were lined up three deep in front.’
    • ‘The deputy will be equipped with riot gear, just in case.’
    • ‘They arrived, in full riot gear, 15 minutes later.’
    • ‘Dressed in riot gear and bunched together, they are hugging the wall of a mudbrick house ready to kick in the door.’


riot gear

/ˈrīət ɡir/ /ˈraɪət ɡɪr/