Definition of riot girl in English:

riot girl


(also riot grrrl)
  • A member of a movement of young feminists associated with aggressive punk-style rock music.

    ‘Many a future riot grrrl was raised on the Swedish superbrat heroine of Astrid Lindgren's best-selling children's books, but whether modern kids will take to her is questionable.’
    • ‘My girl's a hot girl, a riot girl and she's angry at the world!’
    • ‘This is a zine made up from a load of articles by different people within the riot girl scene in London and surrounding areas.’
    • ‘Anecdotal evidence suggests that more and more feminist and riot grrrl zines are being produced by UK women and girls.’
    • ‘I thought, since we already went through riot grrrl in the early '90s, that women playing in bands, especially punk bands, had a lot more freedom, but I was sadly deluded.’


riot girl

/ˈrīət ˌɡərl/ /ˈraɪət ˌɡərl/