Definition of risk-taker in English:


Pronunciation /ˈriskˌtākər/ /ˈrɪskˌteɪkər/


  • A person who takes risks.

    ‘he was a risk taker who wanted to try new things’
    • ‘Born into a wealthy British family he was always a big risk-taker.’
    • ‘By nature I was, I suppose, a risk-taker.’
    • ‘Unlike the industry he backs, Miller is no risk-taker.’
    • ‘I've been told I'm the risk-taker of my family.’
    • ‘Born in Ainsworth, Nebraska, his life was that of an entrepreneurial risk-taker.’
    • ‘I'm not what you would call a big risk-taker - even the uncertainty of a good game of Truth or Dare taxes my nerves.’
    • ‘He stopped worrying about achieving and became more of a risk-taker.’
    • ‘Was he a highly-charged risk-taker who, away from his family, had chanced all on a madcap, criminal adventure?’
    • ‘The underlying logic was that shareholders were the residual risk-takers in the system.’
    • ‘Industry statistics indicate that entrepreneurs are higher risk-takers than the general population.’
    • ‘Singaporeans have never been known to be risk-takers.’
    • ‘Our democracy was forged in rebellion, crafted by mavericks and risk-takers who refused to salute authority.’
    • ‘Some firms are hierarchical and conservative while others are imaginative risk-takers.’
    • ‘In our study, as well as in others, men proved higher risk-takers than women.’
    • ‘We all know entrepreneurs are supposed to be risk takers.’
    • ‘Boys are certainly bigger risk takers than girls, according to the survey.’
    • ‘Those of us who are successful are definitely risk takers.’
    • ‘There don't seem to be a lot of risk takers in hip hop these days.’
    • ‘I'm not a risk taker at all.’
    • ‘Silicon Valley has always been known as a Mecca for risk takers.’
    backer, staker, speculator, risk-taker, better