Definition of ritz in English:



  • 1mainly North American Ostentatious luxury and glamour.

    • ‘removed from all the ritz and glitz’
  • 2the Ritzusually with negative Used in reference to luxurious accommodation.

    • ‘it's not the Ritz, but it's convenient, clean, and good value for money’
    • ‘sure as hell ain't the Ritz, but it's a place to call home’
    • ‘here is the Ritz of all shelters’



/rits/ /rɪts/


    put on the ritz
    mainly North American
    • Make a show of luxury or extravagance.

      ‘when you're putting on the ritz, garnish your soup with an asparagus tip nestled in a small spoonful of lightly whipped cream’
      • ‘In the 10th year of the Starck bathroom, the company's latest anniversary product is putting on the ritz for the celebrations.’
      • ‘First off, I got a new job as a valet parker at some restaurant that's trying to put on the ritz.’


Early 20th century from Ritz, a proprietary name of luxury hotels, from César Ritz (1850–1918), a Swiss hotel owner.