Definition of road warrior in English:

road warrior


informal US
  • A person who travels, often as part of their job, and does work at the same time.

    • ‘But good things on the Web also come in more select packages: There are many specialized travel sites that focus on just one piece of a road warrior's itinerary.’
    • ‘Other spots, such as one with a fly-casting road warrior, tout the rooms' coffee makers, data ports and locations ideal for extending business trips into leisure stays.’
    • ‘We chose to test the Optoma EP729, which on paper at least, seemed to offer what a road warrior might seek in a projector when giving PowerPoint presentations.’
    • ‘Because this is relatively thin and lighter - it's 6.3 pounds - it's a good choice for a road warrior who also wants a big screen for movies in a hotel room.’
    • ‘Antiterrorism initiatives and airline cutbacks are making it ever harder to be a road warrior, so business owners are increasingly taking to the skies in their own aircraft.’
    • ‘Running on four AA batteries, the Model 100 is a road warrior's dream.’
    • ‘While this would work for the road warriors and their laptops, it is not so clear cut when a road warrior might have to access resources via a public terminal.’
    • ‘Layovers, postponed flights, and other kinds of hold-up are an unavoidable part of life as a high-flying road warrior.’
    • ‘Sitting comfortably using wireless access will no longer be just the preserve of the road warrior or corporate executive, he writes.’
    • ‘Excellent battery life and unprecedented mobile performance mean any road warrior should be pleased to travel with one of these notebooks.’
    • ‘Inc readers may recall him as the hard-driving, self-assured road warrior who never met a sales prospect he didn't like.’
    • ‘You're a modern day road warrior preparing for yet another business trip.’
    • ‘Numerous readers have asked for an update to last year's story on air travel for road warriors.’
    • ‘Given that exercise can combat business travel stress, not to mention dining indulgences, road warriors could benefit from checking into these options.’
    • ‘Like most road warriors, his heavy travel schedule serves many purposes, from meeting with clients and employees to chatting with lawmakers and Wall Street analysts.’
    • ‘No one site among the seven that we reviewed is likely to replace the ad hoc collection of travel-related bookmarks that many weary road warriors have already flagged.’
    • ‘A lot of road warriors let go of personal time when they travel, but staying active helps me be a better executive.’
    • ‘Three online travel sites have launched business travel services recently, in response to the skyrocketing prices faced by road warriors.’
    • ‘The rental company targets road warriors and has corporate accounts with half the Fortune 500.’
    • ‘Two thirds of their guests are business travelers, and the brand claims to put a roof over more road warriors than any other hotel chain.’