Definition of roadrunner in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrōdˌrənər/ /ˈroʊdˌrənər/

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  • A slender fast-running bird of the cuckoo family, found chiefly in arid country from the southern US to Central America.

    Genus Geococcyx, family Cuculidae: two species, in particular G. californianus

    ‘In one intriguing trackway, the footfalls of a fringe-toed lizard were paralleled by the prints of a roadrunner, a lizard-eating bird.’
    • ‘I've stumbled upon quail amidst the redwoods, roadrunners in the Hill Country, and a colony of flamingo in the heart of Hong Kong.’
    • ‘In this landscape ringed by red-rock hills that take on a spectacular hue at sunset, small pleasures - fleeting glimpses of roadrunners, stretches of freshly paved road - are unexpectedly gratifying.’
    • ‘He confirmed that roadrunners did occur in the state and also added Black-throated Green Warbler, bringing the state list to 345 species and varieties.’
    • ‘For years a mated pair of roadrunners lived in the brush on the vacant lot behind the alley.’


Mid 19th century probably derived from a transaltion of Spanish correcamino.