Definition of roadside in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrōdˌsīd/ /ˈroʊdˌsaɪd/


  • The strip of land beside a road.

    as modifier ‘roadside cafes’
    ‘trash left on the roadside’
    • ‘Training horses to accept traffic, road works and roadside obstacles is more important than ever in these days of litigation and the increasing number of vehicles on the roads.’
    • ‘Vincent spends his days driving aimlessly about the French interior, stopping on occasion to read his newspaper in a park or to drink coffee in a roadside cafe.’
    • ‘The motley assortment of passengers take refuge in a roadside cafe, where they are soon cut off from the world by the storm and discover that there's a murderer in their midst.’
    • ‘The tour will include their greenhouse, fields, washing facility, and roadside market.’
    • ‘Control jointed goatgrass in roadside ditches and other areas that may contaminate the fields.’
    • ‘Along with the signs, he said, the roadside motels and cafes are themselves art objects.’
    • ‘Later this year, they hope to have a roadside market store that will not only sell flowers and vegetables, but shirts, hats and books.’
    • ‘When traveling across the country, producers set up colorful roadside markets to sell their produce.’
    • ‘His intention was to move his unusual trees a hundred miles to the new location and to develop a roadside attraction.’
    • ‘‘These roadside scenes jump out at me,’ he said.’
    • ‘Powell noted the clock on a roadside billboard: 5: 20 p.m.’
    • ‘The Bachelor's Button is an old-fashioned flower, a roadside attraction with familiar blue blossoms, also known as the cornflower.’
    • ‘We used to spend all day at the roadside stands, waiting for midmorning customers to dribble in, then the lunch trade, perhaps a rush-hour flurry.’
    • ‘When he first meets her, she is working at a roadside diner and helps him when his car breaks down.’
    • ‘These non-native species were once planted along roadsides and ditches and introduced into pastures and hayfields.’
    • ‘As she tells it, three young women were sitting in the cab of a pickup truck parked at the roadside in some nameless coastal town.’
    • ‘Further tests may reveal whether planting Neotyphodium-infected robust needlegrass along roadsides could discourage animals from grazing too close to roadways.’
    • ‘‘While common milkweed was often found in corn and soybean fields, the average frequency and patch sizes were much greater along roadsides and in other undisturbed areas,’ says Buhler.’
    • ‘When he was too tired to continue, he parked his car at a roadside scenic overlook.’



/ˈrōdˌsīd/ /ˈroʊdˌsaɪd/