Definition of roan antelope in English:

roan antelope


  • An African antelope with black-and-white facial markings, a mane of stiff hair, and large backwardly curving horns.

    Hippotragus equinus, family Bovidae

    ‘The male horns, in keeping with the horns of the male roan antelope, curve backward - in part so that fights over female antelopes will not be deadly.’
    • ‘Plain animals such as zebra, greater and lesser kudu, sable and roan antelope, impala and giraffe are found on the plains stretching from the rivers edge.’
    • ‘In the south, the government reported that the game areas ‘still hold immense stocks’ and that white rhino, elephant, giant eland, roan antelope, and giraffe were all on the increase.’
    • ‘The Save Valley Conservancy, for example, put together more than 850,000 acres for wildlife management and reintroduced rare species such as black rhinoceros and roan antelope.’
    • ‘Cantering herds of zebra, eland and roan antelope scatter then coalesce as we drone over them.’


roan antelope

/rōn ˈantlˌōp/ /roʊn ˈæntlˌoʊp/ /ˈan(t)əˌlōp/ /ˈæn(t)əˌloʊp/