Definition of robotize in English:


transitive verb

(also British robotise)
[with object]
  • 1Convert (a production system, factory, etc.) to operation by robots.

    ‘they have used this as an opportunity to cut more jobs and robotize the assembly line’
    • ‘Ten years from now forces will handle robotized equipment, weapons based on new physical principles, and non-lethal weapons, with precision weapons playing the predominant role.’
    • ‘The body shop is highly robotized, with 600 machines programmed for welding, bonding and handling operations.’
    • ‘For Battle Revolution, these sounds have been robotized so that each character has its own beep pitch.’
    • ‘When the new paint shop is up and running it will be fully robotized.’
    • ‘Much importance will soon attach to robotized means of warfare in underground service lines.’
    • ‘Is motor racing more or less interesting since they robotised the cars?’
    • ‘Everything in the house is robotised like this.’
    • ‘I was particularly impressed by the lively 1.4 while the 1.6i is also fun, partly due to being fitted as standard with Citroen's SensoDrive robotised five-speed manual box.’
    • ‘Current trends are towards increased automated and robotized welding.’
    • ‘These will be joined by a 156 GTA with a robotised Selespeed gearbox.’
    • ‘There is no better transmission than this: none of the surge-pause-jerk of a regular robotised manual, none of the stodge and torpidity a regular automatic can suffer.’
    1. 1.1Cause (a person) to become mechanical or unemotional, like a robot.
      ‘these electronic devices are robotizing humans all over the world’
      • ‘they are trying to robotize our children and decimate our educational system’



/ˈrōbəˌtīz/ /ˈroʊbəˌtaɪz/