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rock cake

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mainly British
  • A small currant cake with a hard rough surface.

    ‘He has a reference to City gentlemen in London in the 1870s standing at a counter and lunching ‘off a glass of sherry with a rock cake or a couple of biscuits’.’
    • ‘I was sitting in the Commons tea room last week, munching a mournful rock cake and studying the newspapers.’
    • ‘But if society is crumbling under the weight of gender wars, the Ramsay household seems solid as a service station rock cake.’
    • ‘His brownies had somehow ended up tasting like rock cake, but Dyane ate it all and even asked for second helpings.’
    • ‘When I was at school all I remember making in ‘housecraft’ was bread and butter pudding, rock cakes and Victoria sponge.’
    • ‘There were not just rock cakes and bread and butter pudding but proper meals involving at least a main course and dessert.’
    • ‘They come here every year and spend two weeks at Inverey enjoying the hills and the birds and feeding hostellers with rock cakes.’
    • ‘Scooty has been known to cycle around in the night clubs on his magical fold-up bike, handing out freshly baked rock cakes.’
    • ‘When protesters against nuclear testing in the Pacific threw rock cakes at the Foreign Minister, the media gave it broad and favourable coverage.’


rock cake

/räk kāk/ /rɑk keɪk/