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rock salt

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  • Common salt occurring naturally as a mineral; halite.

    ‘Running for several miles east and west, at a height ranging from three hundred to four hundred feet, these desolate hills are composed of rock salt, capped with a bed of gypsum and chalk.’
    • ‘Ice cream must have arrived there from Spain, because the old-fashioned ice cream was made in a grinder called garapinera, with rock salt and ice packed round a central container of milk.’
    • ‘Everyone stays inside, the neighbors seen only in cars backing slowly down driveways sprinkled with rock salt, breath hovering on windows.’
    • ‘It may seem wasteful to use a box of rock salt, but this can be cooled and reused several times because it won't deteriorate.’
    • ‘If I take my honey, mix it with rock salt and an organic olive oil I've got the best body scrub on the planet.’
    sodium chloride


rock salt

/ˈräk ˌsôlt/ /ˈrɑk ˌsɔlt/